Buyer’s Guide to Vinyl Replacement Windows

Why Vinyl Replacement Windows?

When considering replacement windows for your home, the type of frame material is one of the key features to determine the value between windows. Vinyl is the top choice material and is proven to beat its competition when it comes to the most common concerns of homeowners. Unlike wood, vinyl is less susceptible to damage caused by environmental changes such as peeling, rot, or other moisture damage. Aluminum, ideal for warmer climates, is unable to maintain its energy efficiency in colder climates, allowing for condensation or frost inside the windows. At Universal Windows Direct, we utilize only 100% virgin vinyl for our replacement windows. This is to ensure the quality of our products as they will never chip, fade, or peel. With their energy-efficient, low-maintenance qualities, our vinyl replacement windows are the perfect fit for your home.

Replacement Window Styles

When considering replacement windows, it is important to choose the best style to fit the functional needs of your home. The location of your window and how you’ll utilize it can help you determine the right style for your home. All our vinyl replacement windows are custom-made to guarantee the perfect fit. By custom manufacturing all our products, we allow you, the homeowner, the power to customize the exact style of your vinyl replacement windows.

Double-Hung vinyl replacement windows are our most popular style of windows at Universal Windows Direct for their versatile functions. Sash limit locks allow for a dual opening while adding security to your home. This feature also allows for a flow of fresh air while tilt latches allow for smooth operation and easy cleaning. Our double-hung windows also feature our SuperSpacer technology, an all-foam spacer separating the panes of glass in the window. This unique feature conducts less heat and cold air than traditional metal spacers, providing amazing thermal performance.

slider window

Slider windows provide the classic style of our double-hung windows while opening horizontally to allow for effortless operation. This style is ideal for a larger view of the outdoors while still available in all the customization options of our double-hung windows.

Bay and Bow windows will add depth to any room in your home. This elegant touch to your home is not only visually appealing but also energy efficient. Whether you’re looking to add a seating area or a grand view to your space, our bay and bow windows will not disappoint!

Casement windows bring a contemporary look to your home. Pivoting outwards, these windows are easy to clean from the inside with their hassle-free operation. The triple seal system makes these windows ideal for rainy or windy climates as they block air and moisture from entering or escaping your home.


Glass Package Options

The glass package is another key feature to consider when purchasing vinyl replacement windows. It is beneficial when considering things such as noise control, security features, and continuous energy efficiency. Universal Windows Direct’s exclusive UniShield windows have higher fill rates of argon gas and higher retention rates compared to the competition because of the low-e coating and our use of SuperSpacer.

Double-pane windows consist of an extra pane of glass with airspace in between, which is where argon gas is inserted during the production process to increase your energy savings. Triple-pane windows are similar but include a third pane of glass, which helps reduce external noise.

True Lifetime Warranty

As much customization goes into choosing the right windows for your home, the one thing you never want to overlook is your vinyl replacement window’s warranty. Forgetting to explore the details of your warranty can be misleading and cost you more money in the future.

The warranty coverage period is essential to know as it can vary. Many window companies provide lifetime warranties, but their idea of a lifetime can differ. Here at Universal Windows Direct, our True Lifetime Warranty applies for as long as you own your home and is even 100% transferable for the next homeowner for 30 years.

You will also want to consider what is covered under the warranty. From hardware, glass systems, frames, installation, and labor, you want to know what is or isn’t included under your window warranty. We ensure that all of these are included under our True Lifetime Warranty.

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