Fill and Retention Rate – Not All Windows Are Created Equal

Most people shopping for new windows are aware that high quality replacement windows on the market today come with an inert gas filling to help with the window’s insulating properties. What most people aren’t aware of, is that the construction of your window can affect the performance of the gas filling over time. UniShield windows featuring SuperSpacer technology from Universal Windows Direct do not suffer from these inherent defects.

Industry Average Insulated Glass Package

Windows constructed utilizing metal spacers do not hold a seal as well as SuperSpacer technology. This allows the gas filling inside of the window to leak out over time. In addition, metal spacers can only utilize traditional fill methods, which does not allow for fill rates comparable to UniShield glass packages. These two flaws combined cause a competitor’s windows to under-perform from day one and continue to decrease every year thereafter.

  • ✖ Roughly 60% initial fill rate
  • ✖ One layer of hard Low-E coating
  • ✖ Material failure leads to internal condensation
  • ✖ Reduced thermal performace leads to higher utility bills
  • ✖ Over 15-20% loss per 5-year period

Exclusive UniShield Insulated Glass Package

UniShield windows featuring SuperSpacer technology from Universal Windows Direct are capable of much higher fill rates as compared to the competition. Their construction allows them to retain their inert gas better and much better over the life of the window. In addition, vinyl replacement windows from Universal Windows Direct are manufactured right here in Northeast Ohio, so you know you’re getting a quality, American made product.

  • ✔ 97.1% initial fill rate
  • ✔ Two layers of soft Low-E coating
  • ✔ Crystal-clear view for the life of your windows
  • ✔ Premium insulative properties saves on heating and cooling
  • ✔ Less than 1% loss per 5-year period

Remember, not all windows are created equal. Schedule an in-home estimate with us today and have a trained representative show you what else you may be missing.

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