Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors from Universal Windows Direct offer the same energy-saving benefits and aesthetic options as our windows:

  1. Double Weather-Stripping where door panel meets main frame, and where door panels interlock
  2. Fusion Welding at door panel corners transform four extrusions into a strong, efficient one-piece door construction
  3. Safety Glass for strength and safety
  4. Injected Foam Filling in the vertical main frame extrusions expands to add both rigidity and insulating value. Saves money on heating and cooling bills all year-round.
  5. Vertical Main Frame & Door Panel Extrusions reinforced with aluminum
  6. Sloped, Aluminum Reinforced Sill guides rainwater outside and away


The UniShield® vinyl sliding glass door delivers everything you would expect from a patio door: beauty, elegance, energy efficiency, low or no maintenance, and the latest in gliding door technology. Whether you’re building or replacing, look into a sliding glass door and feel secure about your choice.

Available with the UniShield P Series or UniShield A Series glass options and upgrades.


French-style sliding glass doors are only available at select locations. Please contact us for availability.

The classic French-style doors infuse a home with beauty and character. However, in order to accommodate traditional Frenchstyle doors, a significant amount of space is needed. Our sliding patio French-style door offers space saving-functionality while still presenting warmth, natural light and beauty.

Available with the UniShield A Series glass options and upgrades.

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