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If you’re one of the countless homeowners in Cleveland who chose vinyl siding for their home’s exterior, you’ve made an excellent choice. However, one of the biggest reasons why homeowners choose vinyl siding is due to its very low maintenance requirements.

Are Vinyl Windows Really Maintenance Free?

From cars to haircuts, there are many things in life that require some type of maintenance down the line. When it comes to your home, many homeowners prefer to live their busy lives rather than worrying about details of their exterior. There aren’t a lot of home improvement upgrades that don’t require any maintenance at all—especially with exterior upgrades. However, vinyl replacement windows are one of the upgrades that require hardly any maintenance at all.

Our homes are our sanctuaries. The place where we spend the most time with the people we love, recharging, engaging, living. We want our homes to be safe, and secure, but attractive as well. There are many reasons why vinyl siding is a great choice for any homeowner. Here are the top 5...

Upgrading your exterior with new replacement windows is a daunting project. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or you’ve never picked up a hammer, it takes a lot of time and keen eye for detail to get the job done right.