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A lot of people get confused when trying to decide whether to install a bay or a bow vinyl replacement window. Some may not even realize that these two window styles are, in fact, completely different.

Like any decorating touch inside the home, picking the right window grid is a personal choice. Sure there are times when the style of your home should dictate which type of grid style you choose for your new vinyl replacement windows, but it really just comes down to personal preference.

When purchasing replacement windows, most consumers tend to focus on the style of the window and how it will compliment their home visually. While this is a very important aspect of purchasing new windows sometimes, the things you can't see, are the most important items to consider. Learn how replacement windows from Universal Windows Direct perform better for the life of your home.

In the next entry of our ongoing series on customer service, we speak with Ashley who works in our service department. Should your products need some extra TLC, you want to make sure that any issues you may have are handled in a prompt and professional manner - that's where our skilled service professionals come in.