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Have you tackled that December to-do list? If not, there are projects around the home that require your attention before the end of the year. Learn what you need to tend to by the end of December and how you can create a happier, safer holiday season.


Do you know how you can find the best replacement windows for your money? We’ll show you how to pick the window that saves energy while giving the best bang for your buck, along with other window lessons to save money and energy.


Double hung windows are one of the most popular window styles in America. This window style is incredibly versatile, and even homeowners back in the 1800s recognized their simplicity and beauty.

These windows have a long history that began overseas, but it’s one of the most-loved windows by homeowners today in the USA.

However, if you’re considering upgrading your home with double hung windows, you likely have some questions. This FAQ is a helpful resource to keep on hand.


With Thanksgiving already behind us, many of us are starting to decorate the exterior of our homes for the upcoming holiday. While we’re all entranced with colorful laser light decor, animatronic cartoon characters on lawns, and enormous Christmas trees, it’s important to step back and think about safety.