Updating the Exterior with Replacement Windows, Entry Doors, and Vinyl Siding in Urbana, Ohio

Universal Windows Direct helps Urbana, Ohio homeowners upgrade their home with unforgettable replacement windows, entry doors, and vinyl siding. These exterior products are engineered for energy savings as well as aesthetics. Homeowners who are looking to improve home value and performance with quality products should consider UniShield® from UWD.

UniShield® Window Installation: Elegance and Energy Savings

Urbana homeowners can choose their ideal window style and glass package with UniShield® window replacement. UniShield® is the exclusive window product from UWD and it can help homeowners save hundreds of dollars per year on utility bills. With four tiers of energy-saving glass packages available, there are options to fit within nearly any price range.

UniShield® Plus is the picture-perfect window for many local homeowners. It’s a dual pane window that has argon gas in the airspace for increased thermal efficiency. Low-e glazing is used to reflect solar heat back outside during the summer, while heat can pass through the window in the wintertime.

UniShield® Supreme showcases the very best in energy efficient windows in Urbana. It’s a triple pane window with krypton gas in the airspace. A double coating of low-e reduces heat transfer in the home to keep indoor temperatures warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

For a quick impact on curb appeal, choose from a variety of today’s top window styles. Double hung windows complement many home styles while slider windows make the home feel more contemporary. For a traditional window design, consider a casement window or add decorative glass and grids to the window style of your choice.

UniShield® window products are designed with a high quality vinyl frame. These frames are easy to maintain and will not endure moisture damage during fluctuating seasons. This product will not rot, peel, or chip.

UWD’s professional window installation maximizes UniShield®’s performance. By creating an airtight seal and a precise fit within the frame, the home becomes essentially draft-free. UniShield®’s Super Spacer® technology is another component that helps block drafts while keeping the home comfortable, while Innergy rigid thermal reinforcements provide extra insulation.

The performance and craftsmanship are guaranteed under UWD’s True Lifetime warranty. This is an industry-leading warranty that covers many aspects of the window and gives homeowners peace of mind for years to come.

Replacement Window Installation Urbana OH

UniShield® Vinyl Siding Installation Improves and Protects the Exterior

Home transformation just got easier with UniShield® vinyl siding. This vinyl siding is an essential ingredient to a modern and energy efficient home with quality materials and energy-saving enhancing its performance. As an exterior option that’s as beautiful as it is efficient, homeowners can’t go wrong with choosing UniShield® vinyl siding.

UniShield® exterior is engineered with a heavy-gauge plastic. By choosing panel widths of up to .46” in thickness, the structural integrity of the home is vastly improved. UniShield® is the superior choice for defending against the elements, ranging from heavy rains to high winds. Its rolled-edge nail hem is engineered for maximum wind resistance. In independent testing, UniShield® exterior withstands the force of Category 5 hurricane winds.

The craftsmanship of UniShield® siding installation never goes unnoticed. Homeowners can capture the luxurious and deep shadow lines of authentic wood siding. The exterior creates shadow lines that give the siding depth and dimension. With the details of a glossy wood grain finish, homeowners can easily achieve the look of quality wood siding with less than half the maintenance.

UniShield® is noted for being virtually maintenance-free. Authentic wood siding requires meticulous care, including sanding, staining, and painting. With UniShield®, there is never a need to pick up a paintbrush or worry about peeling, chipping, or wood rot.

This exterior is available in a variety of colors, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Make a powerful impression with vinyl scallops, soffit, and cedar shakes. These products bring an instant edge to curb appeal by highlighting window boxes, gables, and eave edges.

UWD offers siding installation to efficiently block out moisture. UniShield® Fan-fold Housewrap helps the panels lie flush with the exterior while protecting the home from moisture damage. Its high R-Value verifies its ability to block air infiltration and insulates the home down to the wood studs. Fullback Insulated Underlayment provides additional insulation by blocking airflow between the panels and the exterior. Fullback also provides a sound barrier to the home.

UniShield® exterior products are guaranteed in terms of performance and aesthetics. It’s backed by our True Lifetime warranty as well as an additional 20-year color protection guarantee.

Vinyl Home Siding Replacement Urbana OH

Enjoy the Fine Details of Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass entry doors in Urbana are the best at protecting the home from the elements and intruders. The reinforced skin is highly resistant to the elements and will not scratch, dent, or ding. It’s an ideal door for high traffic areas while creating a lasting impression on curb appeal.

UWD’s steel and fiberglass doors are available in an array of exterior paint and wood colors, with the option to order the door primed. Hardware further enhances the aesthetics and security of the door, with styles including leversets, locksets, and deadbolts.

A steel kick plate and steel frame make the door difficult to break-down. With a Grade 40 rating, UWD steel doors can withstand 7 hits of a 100-pound test weight. It provides a security blanket to the home while keeping Urbana families safe and sound.

UWD door installation includes a polyurethane foam core and durable weatherstripping. In combination with an adjustable threshold and a bottom sweep, entry door replacement effectively blocks moisture and air infiltration for a nearly draft-free home.

Our door products are covered by our True Lifetime warranty. This warranty is 100% non-prorated and 100% transferable to a subsequent homeowner for a period of 30 years.

Replacement Entry Doors Urbana OH

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