Things to Know Before Replacing Your Windows

Are you considering replacement windows for your home? Whether you’re looking to reduce energy costs, increase the security of your home, or just looking to update the look of your home, this decision is a long-term investment that should take some preparation. From style to budgeting, here are the things to know before replacing your windows.

Choosing the Right Style

The style of replacement windows is an opportunity to change the overall aesthetics of your home. Choosing to replace your windows with the same style may provide you with a simplified experience but this is the perfect opportunity to bring your creativity to the forefront if you’re considering changes. Taking a picture window in your home and replacing with a bay or bow window can enhance your living space, allowing for more natural light to flow into your home while adding depth to the space. Style changes like this can give your home a new, revitalized looked!

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Frame Material and Glass Options

When it comes to frame material, vinyl is most popular across the country amongst replacement windows. This is attributed to its durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency while being the most affordable option. If reducing the cost of your energy bills is a top concern, glass packages are a solution you should explore. With options such as argon or krypton gas technology, and dual or triple pane glass, you want to ensure you get the most out your replacement windows by choosing the enhancements right for your home.

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Setting the Budget for Replacement Windows

One of homeowners’ top concerns is the price tag of new replacement windows. Determining your budget can ensure that this home-improvement project doesn’t break the bank. Examining the conditions of your current windows is the first step for finalizing a budget. More labor will be required of installers if you currently have damaged frames, resulting in higher costs.

The quality of the product is key to receiving the best value for your money. While one company may offer a cheaper price for replacement windows, ultimately you want to consider what is included in that price. Understanding the factors that go into window pricing will help you compare the value in the products competitors have to offer. Size, energy saving options, and materials are just a few factors that can make a major difference in the price. For example, wood frame windows could cost you up to 30% more than vinyl replacement windows, another reason they are the most affordable option. Energy saving options such as glass packages can also impact pricing as well.

Having cash for a home improvement project of this capacity may be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. There are financing options to help you get replacement windows now!

Prepare for Your Replacement Windows

With an idea of the style you’re looking for and a budget, the next step is find the right window company for your project. While some homeowners will call for a quote without prior preparation, the steps above will help simplify your search as you have an idea of what you want. A representative from the company will come out to your home to help explore the options to fit your needs and your budget. They will collect measurements and provide a quote for your project as well. Your order is then submitted to the manufacturer and production of your replacement windows begins.

Once your replacement windows complete the production process, it’s time to schedule installation. As a homeowner, you should prepare your home internally for this installation by removing things from nearby walls and shifting furniture to clear a path for installers, who will be navigating through your home. Installers will arrive and prepare the area to avoid making a mess in your home by putting down cloth or tarps.

When the installation is complete, the project manager will walk you through the operation of all your new replacement windows and assure they meet your satisfaction.

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