The Weatherhead 100

We’re very excited to announce that on Thursday, December 4th, 2014, Universal Windows Direct was named to the Case Western Reserve University – Weatherhead School of Management’s prestigious Weatherhead 100 list for the second time in the company’s existence!

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When’s the last time you felt like a kid again?

Too often in this day and age, we all get caught up in the daily grind, trudging back and fourth from home to work, work to home, and so on. We forget that all of us still have some form of inner child that needs to come out and play every now and again. As adults, we get caught up in the daily minutia, yearning for even a second to let that inner child out. We may not realize it but there are children who have had their “inner child” taken from them by life-threatening illnesses. Just as adults push through the endless work days throughout the week, these children are left with no choice but to keep fighting to stay alive, many times, having to put “having fun” on the back burner. At Universal Windows Direct, work and fun go hand in hand, so when we decided that they wanted to give back to the community, we saw no better way than to partner with A Kid Again.

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Sunday Funday, Universal Windows Direct-style!

Ahhh, Sunday. The one day of the week that’s dedicated to enjoying some quality family, or getting some of that endless yard work done, or maybe running errands and doing shopping. Try as we might, doesn’t it always seem like we can NEVER quite get everything we would like to done? There is always something that comes up, or we simply just don’t feel like doing it because it involves physical movement: an activity that I know, for me at least, can be way too exhausting on certain Sundays. So I must ask, what did you do this past Sunday?

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