Nikki Dutton : Employee Experience

…Nikki Dutton, Manager of Business Development. Nikki enjoys the finer things in life, none of which include raw hamburgers. Let’s learn a bit more:

Nikki Dutton, Experience: Video Transcript

Nikki’s UWD Story

Nikki: Well, I think, to me it’s a little interesting. I kept seeing this “Universal Windows Direct”, and it kept coming up as a job match in my job search to get out of where I was. And I kept saying, “I don’t want to sell windows because I don’t know anything about them,” and lo and behold I ended up applying. I came for the interview, with Justin, Director of Marketing, and I said, “What the heck?”. I actually sat in on a training with Bill Barr, the owner, and he really impressed me. And, that’s what did it. His energy, his vision for the company, I jumped right on board, and I said, “ok, maybe I will stay”. And close to 4 years later, here I am. So, it was a good decision, and I haven’t regretted it. I like sales, I like talking on the phone, I like talking to people, so it was a perfect match. Um, an opportunity opened up, courtesy of Bill Barr, in the dealership department, and a little over 2 years ago, I transferred from retail to the dealership department, and I’m now the Business Development Manager.

UWD Satisfaction

Nikki: I like helping people. People have a problem, they look to you, and when you can give them answers, or give them a solution, it just feels good. Just talking to people all over the country. Just talking to people, mostly at this point, contractors or entrepreneurs, business owners in different walks of life.

UWD Culture

Nikki: I finally felt like, this is a place where everybody is on the same page. So, that makes it a lot more fun. I’m used to being that person that, if you say, this is what we’re going to do, or this is the way we’re supposed to do it, then that’s me. And I just assume everybody is going to do that. Then, of course, we’ve all had that experience where, you’re like, ok why is everyone not doing this? But here, we all talk about things, we all learn from each other, everybody is on board, and hands on deck.You don’t have to be that one annoying person saying, “but we didn’t…”, you know everybody’s just trying to get the same things done, so, that’s what I like.

UWD Future

Nikki: Well, from my point of view, being on the dealership side, I see us at 200 dealers. I see us taking over the window business, the window and door business. I see us everywhere. Like, we all, constantly, as soon as you walk in the door it’s like, ok, what do I need to get done, how can I do it, who do I need to talk to? What’s the next thing out there? And that’s what gets me excited.

UWD Goals

Nikki: I see myself, one day I do want to be a location owner. I see the vision; I know it works. It is a turn key business; I know I could do it. So, I want to continue to build up here, and continue to learn, but my goal is to be a location owner.

Ask Nikki…

Director: Do you have any pets?

Nikki: Just my daughter, and my son.


Director: They’re pets?

Nikki: Yeah, two full purpose. Anything you have to clean up after and feed, that’s a pet. They don’t pay rent, that’s a pet.


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