Jeff Kouns : Employee Experience

Meet Jeff Kouns, Event Manager, ghost enthusiast, and all around great guy. We asked Jeff to tell us about his journey through UWD. We asked him about the UWD culture, and the overall atmosphere.

Jeff Kouns, Experience: Video Transcript

Jeff: Well, I started here when I was 18 years old…came right from high school. I was, I guess you could say, the bottom of the totem pole at Universal Windows Direct, I was a basic canvasser. I was going door-to-door, 40 hours a week, full time job, just knocking on as many doors, neighborhoods, throughout the Cleveland area. After I produced from the very bottom, I was able to get opportunities to work my way up. After canvassing, they put me in shows (Our events department) where I was able to work trade shows, the Home Show, fairs, festivals, concerts. And from there, I was able to work my way up and produce, and show my worth working in the events with Universal Direct. After that, they put me into a little telemarketing, I guess they gave me all the marketing experience when it came to Universal Windows Direct, and the ways we market our products. After I produced in all 3 forms of marketing, I was beyond privileged to be a part of our dealership department. So, they sent me to all 40 franchises, from west coast, to east coast, from Minneapolis, to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’m now the Corporate Marketing Manager for Universal Windows Direct, and I’m lovin everyday of it. This will be, going on my third year as the marketing manager here. So, beyond privileged and blessed.

UWD Culture

Jeff: I guess you could say the constant challenges, the discipline that they’ve taught me, and definitely just the youthfulness within the entire organization. If everyone has the same like-minded vision, we’re gonna accomplish it, and I know we’re gonna be number one eventually, so that’s why I’m here for the long run.

UWD Atmosphere

Jeff: So, when it comes to the atmosphere here at Universal Windows Direct everybody is helping everybody move forward. One word: Energetic! I mean you don’t walk into the office without either getting high-fived, or somebody giving you a hug, or somebody telling you “good job”, or somebody telling you, “hey, you did a bad job”. And like I said before, we have a very youthful company. Everyday the, just the atmosphere at Universal Windows Direct is so like-minded to where, no matter what it is, we’re accomplishing everything cause everyone has the same, kinda future goal. And the same plan, for themselves, here at Universal Windows Direct.

UWD Loves Jeff Because….

Jeff: Why did the bike fall over?

Director: Why?

Jeff: Got too tired.


Jeff: That should be the start.

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