Customer Experience: Steven M., North Ridgeville, OH

 Steven M. from North Ridgeville, Ohio

1.)  Q: Why did you choose UWD for your project?

       A: Your advertisements, you guys are everywhere! Plus, the price was right.

2.)  Q: Did you enjoy your experience while working with UWD?

       A: Yes. Everyone I dealt with, whether on the phone, or here at my house, were very personable and friendly.

3.)  Q: Was the Salesperson knowledgeable about our products and services?

       A: Yes, Also, very sure of the quality of your products.

4.)  Q: Did the Salesperson answer any questions you had about our products and services?

       A: Yes.

 5.) Q: How did you feel about our communication with you throughout the process? Were we attentive enough? If not, what would you have liked to see changed?

       A: For the most part, I was pleased with the communication.

6.) Q: Did our installers prep the work area first (i.e. place drop cloths, clear the area of obstacles, etc.?)

       A: Yes.

7.) Q: Did our installers clean the work area when they were finished?


8.) Q: Were there any issues that came up during the process? Is so, how were they handled?

      A: No issues. Everything went accordingly.

9.) Q: Would you refer friends and family to UWD in the future?

        A: I would refer friends and family to UWD.

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