Customer Experience: Kelli & Alex, Brunswick, OH

 Kelli & Alex P. from Brunswick, Ohio

1.) Q: Why did you choose UWD for your project?

A: Positive recommendation from neighbor, quality, and price.

2.) Q: Did you enjoy your experience while working with UWD?

A: Yes, the entire process was smooth, with good communication.

3.) Q: Was the Salesperson knowledgeable about our products and services?

A: He was very knowledgeable, and educated us on your windows.

4.) Q: Did the Salesperson answer any questions you had about our products and services?

A: Yes. We were considering vinyl, versus wood, and wanted to examine window grids, and window color choices. He showed us options, and had samples with him.

5.) Q: Did the Measure Technician answer your questions? Did they make sure your order was correct?

A: Yes.

6.) Q: How did you feel about our communication with you throughout the process? Were we attentive enough? If not, what would you have liked to see changed?

A: I appreciated knowing when the windows were in production and being inspected through email. All in person appointments were on time with reminders the day before.

7.) Q: Did our installers clean the work area when they were finished?

A: Yes! Eric and his team did a wonderful job. Jake was also great!

8.) Q: Were there any issues that came up during the process? If so, how were they handled?

A: We ordered one window in our bathroom to have the frosted rain finish, so you can’t see in. The top half is missing the grid. Eric called to order a new one right away. I was told it would be received in a couple weeks.

9.) Q: Would you refer friends and family to UWD in the future?

A: Absolutely! I love how they look and function.

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