Home Improvements That Can Save You Time

Time is something everyone wishes they had more of, especially homeowners. They juggle the responsibilities of everyday life, while maintaining their homes–making it feel like there is not enough time in the day. In the long run, home improvements will save you time and shorten the to-do list.

Monday through Friday is nonstop on the go, continuous back and forth from work to social activities. So, Saturday and Sunday become two coveted days to slow down and enjoy free time. Who wants to spend it on home improvements? Stop wasting time on these daunting tasks, and gain back control of the weekend. If you’re looking to spend less time doing home improvements and more time doing things you enjoy, check out our list of home improvements to save time.

Replacing Siding Instead of Painting It.

Remember the phrase “like watching paint dry”? That sums up the fun homeowners have while painting siding. Wood panels on a home need stain and paint upkeep. Metal siding can fade, rust, or peel. The daunting task of painting siding is a long and tedious process. If not done right, it can peel–leaving you back at square one. First, one must clean the exterior, prime the surface, then paint. Adding up that work, especially if done by one person, can span many days. Switch to vinyl siding; it never needs painting. Plus, high-quality vinyl siding will generally come with a no fade warranty that can help ensure it will hold its value for years to come. To maintain vinyl siding, use a vinegar-water solution to clean as needed. Why spend days on a task that could only take a few hours?

Adding Gutter Guards to Your Home.

Clean gutters are crucial for a functioning home. Gutters direct roof water away from the house, preventing soil erosion and collapsing of a home’s foundation. But, over time, clogging occurs from debris like leaves, sticks and even small critiers. Then, water spills out and creates an invitation for rodents and mold. When this happens, homeowners must climb a ladder and scoop out the buildup. Skip this dangerous task and invest in the right gutters and gutter guards. Solid angle framed gutters paired with a steel screen gutter guard prevent clogging. Say goodbye to pests, spilling, and dangerous cleaning. Save time and let high-quality gutters essentially clean themselves.

Gutter Protection System

Investing in Windows That Tilt in for Easy Cleaning.

Clean windows cultivate a positive “feng shui” in your home. The average home has many windows, meaning upkeep becomes a time-suck. Washing hard-to-reach spots on the interior and exterior of windows is a challenge. Plus, streaks can take over when wiping the glass. Yet, cleaning is essential. Dirt shortens a window’s lifespan. Because something is important does not mean it needs to be time-consuming. To shorten the time spent cleaning windows, install a kind with sashes that tilt inward. Double hung windows are popular in homes because they provide style with minimal upkeep. The top and bottom sashes fold out with ease erasing pesky hard to reach areas.

Repairing Caulk Around Windows.

Caulk around windows is important because it seals drafts where air can leak in. Making small repairs to caulk when needed, can help prevent energy loss, but this is generally just a band aid over a larger issue. While simply replacing worn out caulk can be a cheap, quick fix, you will eventually need to look into replacing your windows if you want to see your energy bills truly be the lowest they can be. Consult in a professional window installer before replacing caulking to ensure it is done properly.

Window Installer Caulking a Window

Installing a Fiberglass Front Door.

A front door is essential to your home’s beauty, safety and security. So, it is important your front door is one that will last. When compared to other door materials, such as wood or aluminum, fiberglass doors have the highest durability. A strong polyurethane foam core is wrapped in a fiberglass reinforced skin. This outer layer is resistant to dents, splintering, and corrosion. An adjustable threshold adds another tight seal of security and high performance weather stripping further weather-proofs any entry door. Fiberglass material is convenient because homeowners don’t have to worry about front door maintenance. Tedious tasks like repainting, repairing, and replacing front doors will be a thing of the past. Fiberglass front doors have style and durability that will last for years to come.

When homeowners invest in quality products, they win back time. Worry about siding, gutters, windows, and doors no more. Instead, play with your kids or call a friend; after all, the time is yours.

Front Door

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