Window Safety 101

The windows in your home allows for fresh air to flow through, while also keeping harsh elements out. Have you ever given thought to how window safety can play a role in the overall safety and well-being of your family, though 

The first week of April is recognized as National Window Safety Awareness Week each year. This is an excellent time to put emphasis on what window safety means for your home and your family. You should create and update a plan as to how windows should be used as an escape route and make sure they do not pose potential harm in your home. The National Safety Council alongside the Window Safety Task Force provide tips to help ensure you are practicing proper window safety each year. 

  • Set a house rule that children shouldn’t be playing on or near an open window. Also, be sure to keep furniture a safe distance away from windows and never directly under them. 
  • Keep windows closed and locked when children are around. When opening them for ventilation, be sure to open the top window and use sash limit locks if you must open the bottom.  
  • Be mindful of the fact that window screens were not made to prevent falls. 
  • Be sure to never accidentally paint or nail a window shut. This will prevent the window from serving as an escape route. 
  • Don’t install an air conditioning unit in a window that would be used as an escape route. Be sure to always leave at least one window open in every bedroom and living space to use as a route for escape and rescue 
  • Create a safety plan and go over it with every person who lives in the house. Everyone should know the window safety rules and which ones are designated escape and rescue windows. 

At Universal Windows Direct, the safety of your home is always top of mind. Make the most out of your windows by not only practicing window safety this week, but year-round! 

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