Which Window Grid Style Should I Pick?

  • Colonial

    As the name implies, colonial window grids are suitable for traditional, classic-style homes. Glass coverage is moderate.

  • Prairie

    With a nod to the Old West, prairie grids are more primitive in style and show more window glass.

  • Diamond

    While less popular today, diamond window grids are still a preferred option by some homeowners. Expect more glass coverage.

  • Double Prairie

    Double prairie grids fuse contemporary with traditional style. Glass coverage is minimal.

  • V-Groove

    Presenting stunning, high-end appeal, V-groove styles are etched directly into the glass. Nearly all of the options mentioned above are available in V-groove, as are a variety of intricate scroll patterns.

The time to decide which type of grid style is best for you is before you buy your vinyl replacement windows, that way the grids can be sandwiched between glass panes. If you plan to install window grids after your replacement windows are put in, you run the risk of having the grids break every time the windows are opened.

Additionally, window grids don’t have to be the same color as the vinyl replacement window frames. By contrasting the color of the grids with your window color choice, you can add a touch of drama to your view.

Decorating Tip: Before you meet with a vinyl window replacement professional, use painter’s tape on your existing glass to mimic different window grid styles. That way you can try before you buy with ease.

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