Happy Homeowner Success Stories: How Exterior Remodeling is Improving Lives

As part of our customer appreciation month, we’re showcasing a few success stories from homeowners just like you. You put a lot of trust into whom you choose to replace your windows, doors, and other exterior products. After improving countless homes, we’ve learned what really matters to you as a customer. Take a look at a few of our success stories below.

Like many other homeowners, Christine decided to check out the local Home and Garden Show. She wasn’t quite ready to buy yet, which is the case many times at home shows. Christine and her family came to our booth and looked at our samples, asked questions, and left wondering about how new windows would look in her home.

As the winter months ticked by, her house was always cold and uncomfortable. Layering up with sweaters and cozy socks helped Christine and her family stay a little warmer, but the reality was that the winter months were taking a big bite out of her monthly budget.

When Christine called for us (both times), we came with one goal in mind: educate her about our products and help her feel confident with her investment. She was prepared with some questions about products, installation and warranty—what happens during installation day? What does the warranty cover? What can I expect after my Windows are installed?

You see, high pressure sales don’t work. You know it and we know it. They give the real pros a bad name and leave homeowners feeling uncomfortable. Who wants to feel pressured to make a major purchase inside their own home?

By viewing the sales process as an educational opportunity, we can help you feel more confident about your new windows, doors, siding, or roofing. Ultimately, Christine received products that made her home a warm and comfortable place to live.

If you enjoyed hearing about Christine’s experience, we have another great story for you to follow.

During a lazy night while watching Netflix, Susan was browsing social media and saw a post by our company. She was already thinking about replacing her windows but was feeling a little intimidated about the whole process. With all the jargon about gases, glass packages, and window styles, she wanted an easy yet smart choice for upgrading her windows.

Furthermore, she was also concerned about contractors being late, making a mess, or incorrectly installing the windows. Susan, like many of our customers, are busy. The thought of having windows installed can make them feel overwhelmed and/or inconvenienced.

What Susan needed was a streamlined, step-by-step process to make buying windows and siding pain-free. She got exactly what she wanted and didn’t have to think twice about it. By explaining the benefits and installation process of her new products—in laymen’s terms!—-no instant Googling to demystify technical terms was needed. A win for everyone!

The result was beautiful vinyl siding with energy efficient windows, increased indoor comfort, and striking curb appeal.

If there is an “easy” button for exterior remodeling, this is certainly it. We use systems, including status updates straight to your email, to ensure that no customer feels in the dark about their project. We also highly train and prepare our sales and installation team to provide the best experience possible.

On his way home from the grocery store, Jim heard the catchy commercial that reminded him how a quality home improvement experience can take the worry out of the entire process. Like most homeowners, Jim knew that his home is due for upgrades, but kept putting it off over fears of wasted time & money. Although he’s lived in his home for many years, he wanted the best quality windows he could get at a fair value.

During his free estimate, he was able to discuss the elements of his “perfect” window, while addressing his budgetary concerns with the sales representative. Once installation day arrived, Jim watched as every window was carefully installed, with an eye fixed on expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. By taking the extra time to measure each window, Jim was able to avoid some major headaches. Even windows that are slightly off the mark with measurement can reduce the efficiency and almost counteract replacement entirely.

Our installation team takes steps to ensure that the process goes as smooth as possible. For example, our team takes multiple measurements, while thoroughly preparing the job site. It’s one of the keys to providing a hassle-free experience—which is what we want to give to every single homeowner who chooses our products.

Picture Your Perfect Exterior Remodeling Experience

Friendly, no-pressure sales reps. All questions answered without ambiguity. Professional installation done right and on schedule. Beautiful, quality products at a fair price. We hear you!

We want more than a transaction with our customers. Your new windows, siding or doors, are more than just a sale to us. They’re important components of your home that keeps you warm, comfortable, and secure. That’s why we are focused on improving the quality of your life, while making you feel like a part of our family. After all, our products are a big part of yours!

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