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Home Improvement Upgrades

Making home improvements can be a considerable expense, whether you’re replacing windows or adding a new deck. When it comes to value and return on investment, there are some home improvement projects that pay off better than others. If you are concerned about ROI, here are the projects that you should (and shouldn’t) consider for your money.

Window boxes are a great way to spruce up your home in addition to or in place of traditional landscaping. They are easy to maintain and are the perfect solution for apartment dwellers, or in areas where the soil is difficult to work with. Now that the weather is turning cool, here are five ways to give those window boxes a beautiful autumn makeover:

Popular Window Styles in America

When you drive around the neighborhoods of Cleveland, you’ll see all types of architecture from varying time periods. You’ll see homes that are mega mansions and cute cottages, and everything in between. You’ll also see windows of every shape and size, from geometric to casement.

Cape Cod Home

Cape Cods are a quintessentially American home. These homes originated in England during the 1600s and made their way to Colonial New England after the first settlers arrived. The Cape Cod style home still remains as one of America’s most popular homes, and you’ll find them everywhere between Charlotte and California.