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Leaking Roof

It’s winter here in Charlotte, and that means colder temperature and precipitation ranging from rain to snow. Winter weather here in North Carolina can be unpredictable, but it can also cause big problems if you’re dealing with an old or damaged roof. If you’ve noticed that your roof has recently sprung a leak, here are the steps that you should take to prevent extensive damage:

Halloween Decorations

Halloween is here and everywhere you look you’ll find witches, goblins, and ghouls. While you’re busy putting together last minute Halloween decorations, you might be wondering if there are any spooky superstitions that are tied to the average home. Believe it or not, windows and doors have their own set of superstitions. Here are a few superstitions to watch out for this Halloween:

Common Replacement Window Myths

Every industry has its myths and misconceptions, and it's no exception for the replacement window industry. Unfortunately, many homeowners in Charlotte are unaware and uneducated when it comes to making sound decisions as they shop for new windows. Some myths have plagued the industry for quite some time, and we're here to set the record straight once and for all. If you're a Charlotte homeowner who can't tell fact from myth when it comes to new home windows, here is everything that you need to know:

When you’re investing in new replacement windows, you’ll want your purchase to last as long as possible. After all, who wants to spend several thousand dollars upgrading their home for their products to fail only several years later? The truth is that replacement windows have varying lifespans. You’ll find some windows only last around 5-7 years, while other windows can last 15 years and even longer. Although nothing lasts forever, it’s helpful to know which windows will last the longest and continue to perform at their best for years to come.