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We’re approaching the halfway mark in March, and it’s definitely not too early to begin thinking about your curb appeal for the spring season. From choosing the right landscaping to enhancing your home’s exterior, we have the roadmap for creating eye-catching curb appeal for the new spring season:

Are your energy bills on the rise without an end in sight? The issue may lie within your roof. Although drafty windows and doors can cause your utility bills to skyrocket, the truth is that you may be losing at least 25% of your heat right out of your roof. This is a dire situation for nearly any homeowner in Indianapolis, especially if you're on a budget and trying everything that you can to keep your utility bills low.

To the average homeowner beginning major home improvement projects is taking a huge leap into the unknown. The installation process and price ranges are a mystery to most of the population. Unfortunately, this can leave us vulnerable to con artists who see the opportunity to dazzle us with contractor jargon and empty our wallets. 

You depend on your windows on a daily basis to block out unwanted drafts and protect your family from the elements. Unlike obvious signs that your car may give you when it’s about to break down, sometimes you can’t always see that your windows are on the verge of failing—which can result in skyrocketing utility bills.