Searching for the Best Windows, Doors, Roofing, and Siding in Sandusky, Ohio

While Sandusky, Ohio is famous for its amusement park and recreational activities, the beautiful homes are notable as well. Every home in Sandusky deserves top-of-the-line exterior products, but many find these options to be unaffordable. Although other exterior remodeling companies may charge astronomical prices, UWD mastered the process of offering premium options at a cost you can afford.

Your Search is Over for the Best Windows in Sandusky is Over

UniShield® is taking over Sandusky’s replacement market. Homeowners are choosing UniShield® time and time again due to its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its superior performance capabilities truly raise the bar for the competition, and you can experience significant savings with our professional window installation.

When installed by the crew at UWD, UniShield® window products create an airtight seal to cut down on drafts. Drafty windows cost homeowners millions of dollars per year, and you’ll certainly see the effect in your bank account as you lose energy. UniShield® products are certified by Energy Star and are designed to make your home more energy efficient.

The enhanced energy efficiency is a result of its innovative glass packages. Even the first tier level can help save energy, and UniShield® Supreme surpasses many other windows on the market. UniShield® Supreme is engineered with three panes of glass and krypton gas between the panes, resulting in sound reduction as well as thermal efficiency. This window is a surefire way to enhance the performance of your home from the inside out.

Regardless of the UniShield® glass package that you choose, there are nearly limitless stylistic preferences to choose from. You can pick your perfect window style to suit your architecture, and add extra aesthetic touches such as custom vinyl paint colors, decorative glass, and grids. The vinyl frames are highly resistant to warping, peeling, and cracking. Its exceptional quality ingredients keep the vinyl frames in tip-top shape for years to come.

Your new window products are protected with the True Lifetime warranty from UWD. Get the full details by contacting us today.

Never Settle for Run-of-the-Mill Roofing

Why would you choose roofing that falls flat on performance and style? Owens Corning roof systems from UWD exceeds expectations in craftsmanship, quality, and performance. Every shingle is designed to protect your home while enhancing your curb appeal. These shingles are heavier and more durable than others within similar price ranges. You’ll get more for your money and a roofing system that performs year after year.

With Owens Corning, you’ll get a high-performance roof along with shingles with stunning beauty. These shingles feature some of the most popular color options on the market today. Whether you want a dark roof for depth or an orange hue for something unique, there is certainly a shingle for everyone.

In addition to superior craftsmanship, your new roof is designed to keep your home dry year-round. WeatherLock G creates a barrier against the elements, and intake and ridge vents help keep your attic ventilated. Attic ventilation is important for keeping moisture problems at bay, such as mold and mildew.

UWD offers roof installation to keep your roof performance at its best. Proper installation is exceptionally important to ensure that the roof system keeps your home dry and comfortable. Your new Owens Corning roof comes with a 10-year craftsmanship warranty along with additional protection from UWD.

Sandusky simply hasn’t seen a roof like Owens Corning. See the quality for yourself by getting in touch with us today.

When Should You Replace Your Old Siding?

If your exterior is failing, it compromises the structural integrity of your home. It puts your home at risk for water damage and even deterioration. Vinyl siding, such as UniShield® exterior from UWD, puts your home in a protective envelope while improving its performance.

UniShield® siding is engineered with high quality heavy-gauge plastic. Every panel is designed for durability and fighting against the elements as well as moisture damage. You’ll find panel widths available up to .46”, which far surpasses any builder grade material.

Even though UniShield® exterior is exceptionally durable, this doesn’t mean we sacrificed on style. UniShield® panels are coated with bold exterior paint that’s made to turn heads. We’re so confident in the power of our paint that it’s guaranteed not to fade for 20 years under our warranty.

Adding vinyl accents to your home will quickly increase its curb appeal and charm. Vinyl scallops enhance window gables while vinyl cedar shakes add a coastal or rustic edge.

Don’t sell yourself short with sad siding. Get a better value for your new exterior by contacting UWD.

Do Away with Dated Doors

Is your dated door dragging down your curb appeal? Doors are an essential upgrade to making your home more comfortable while enhancing its security. Your new door from UWD will stand the test of time, regardless if you choose fiberglass or steel as your material.

Fiberglass doors will add warmth to your home, and you can choose your favorite wood stain or paint to add pizzazz. Every fiberglass door is custom made for your home and includes all of the essential upgrades, including a polyurethane foam for enhanced energy efficiency.

Steel is becoming one of the top materials for doors in Sandusky. Its rigid strength stands above the rest, and its grade 40 safety rating makes it next to impossible to break into your home. Combine this feature with tried-and-true knob and deadbolt combination and experience maximum home security.

If you’ve put off upgrading your door for the last few decades, take the next step forward by viewing our products page. These doors are installed by UWD and covered under our True Lifetime warranty.

Make the most of your home’s exterior. Contact us for more details.

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