What are the Top Performing Windows, Doors, Roofing, and Siding in Bay Village, Ohio?

The performance of exterior components on your home greatly impacts comfort level and energy bills. Many Bay Village, Ohio homeowners are under the impression that they can’t afford energy efficient Windows, doors, roofing, and siding, so they settle for subpar products at rock bottom prices. While paying a lower amount of money might feel like a good trade off, the truth is that you’ll take a hit in your pocketbook during the winter and summer.

UWD prides itself in offering quality products at affordable prices. Homeowners don’t need to settle between price and quality, and these are the products engineered with efficiency and affordability in mind:

Improving the Roofing on Your Bay Village Home

There is no denying the unpredictable weather in our area of Ohio. This is why you need a roof that offers a lot more than what you’ll find at a home improvement store. UWD is a proud partner with Owens Corning, a prestigious brand in the roofing industry with top-of-the-line products.

The most prominent feature of your roof is its shingles. Owens Corning’s engineers designed an asphalt shingle that is heavier and more durable than those in similar price ranges. SureNail technology keeps the shingles securely in place, even against winds of up to 130 MPH. This quality shingle is resistant to the elements of highly protective against moisture damage, especially when combined with other components of the roofing system.

The shingles are built for performance, but they’re also engineered for beauty. You’ll find today’s most popular shingle colors available with hues inspired by nature. Owens Corning shingles are crafted to add depth and dimension to every roof.

For extra protection against moisture damage, WeatherLock G is one of the primary components from keeping mold, mildew, and even wood rot at bay. It creates and incredible ice and water barrier system so the last thing you’ll worry about is wet roof beams during a rain or snow storm.

Furthermore, the ProEdge Hip & Ridge vent keeps your attic space ventilated. Ventilation is highly important for any home, as adequate airflow keeps your attic space dry.

When you need a roof you can rely on, UWD will see to it that your roof is professionally installed. Your new roof is also covered under a 10-year craftsmanship warranty along with an additional Preferred Protection warranty from UWD.

What You Need to Know About Bay Village Doors

If you’re thinking along the lines of performance and lifetime value, not all doors are created equal here in Bay Village. Your entry door goes through variable weather and temperature changes, with each element posing a threat to the door’s appearance and structural integrity. Luckily, UWD offers two of the most durable and affordable entry doors in the area: steel and fiberglass.

It’s no coincidence that steel and fiberglass doors are two of the most popular choices in America. Fiberglass is engineered to look like real wood doors without all of the disadvantages. Real wood doors are prone to rot, warping, and peeling. Not to mention, a lot of maintenance is involved for keeping a wood door looking new throughout the seasons.

When you choose fiberglass, you’ll skip all of the unwanted maintenance and go straight to timeless beauty—no paintbrush required. There are plenty of paint colors to choose from along with wood stains for authentic appearance. Homeowners can also order their entry door primed and apply the perfect color.

Steel entry doors are an excellent addition to any home. They are aesthetically flexible, not to mention secure. You’ll sleep peacefully at night knowing crooks can barely make a dent in your new steel door.

UWD offers an extensive selection of quality hardware with various finishes. Decorative glass sidelites are also available to add character and let extra light flow into your living space. Both steel and fiberglass doors include a polyurethane foam core for enhanced energy efficiency.

Doors from UWD are professionally installed to create an airtight seal. You’ll also enjoy protection from our True Lifetime warranty that covers pieces, parts, and more.

Siding That Stands the Test of Time

UniShield® siding is an exquisite exterior that’s only available at UWD. This exterior is affordable and performs at top quality season after season. The panels are engineered with heavy gauge plastic and lifelike woodgrain material that looks as beautiful as they perform. With numerous colors to choose from, there is an option for everyone with UniShield® ® siding.

Our professional siding installers keep no stone unturned when it comes to craftsmanship. Every panel is installed to lock out moisture and keep your home dry. Homeowners can choose panels lengths of XL or XXL for a seamless appearance, which instantly transforms your home while keeping it protected at the same time.

UWD is proud of the quality of UniShield® exterior, and we offer protection through our True Lifetime warranty. Furthermore, a 20-year color guarantee is also included. This ensures that your siding doesn’t fade from the sun and remains beautiful for years to come.

Windows That Work Relentlessly for Comfort

Your home should be the ultimate source of comfort, and UWD’s UniShield® windows is the exterior upgrade to lower utility bills and increase quality of living. Instead of turning down the thermostat or blasting the air conditioning when you need to save money, you can rely on UniShield®’s technology to maintain a consistent indoor temperature.

UniShield® windows are available in dual or triple pane glass. With four tier options available, you’ll find technologies such as argon gas, krypton gas, and low-e glazing.

These vinyl frames are available in multiple colors and require virtually no maintenance. Professional window installation keeps out drafts, and UniShield® is covered under UWD’s True Lifetime warranty for exceptional performance guarantee.

When you need more out of your exterior components, count on the products from UWD. Contact us for a quote.

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