Eric Steckle : Employee Experience

…Eric Steckle, Field Marketing Manager, and Kung Fu fan. Eric enjoys helping other people, while consistently continuing to be a strong, respected leader. Let’s learn a bit more:

Eric Steckle –  Employee Experience Video Transcription

UWD Focus

Eric: Whether in the sales department, you’re on the phone team, you’re on the show team, or the canvass team, you know that first/second day of the month, we’re sitting down, you know, setting what those expectations are. What you gotta do. But, more importantly I give them a clean road map on how to acquire it. I’ve always been goal-driven myself, and then it’s nice to work for a company that’s very, very focused on their goals. It’s always been the key to our success, to grow as quickly as we have.

UWD Culture

Eric: The culture. I mean I really, really… we are a big family. You know, honestly. I really feel that we really work extremely well together.  Like, you know, anything that I need help with, even if my immediate boss is unable to, people within the organization will go out and do whatever they can to help you. You know, wherever you’re at with the company, the whole company itself is just trying to help you grow, and just trying to make your job easier and better as a whole.

UWD Mentality

Eric: We work hard. Oh, what was the expression Bill said? Uh, to be successful in this business you have to play hard, and work harder. And, uh following that mentality will get you, literally, whatever you want from it. So, goal oriented and family oriented.

UWD Motivation

Eric: I, um, I really try to create a lot of value in canvassing. Like, when, for whatever reason, you know, people think that canvassing is… I’m not sure of the exact word…  but, like a job that most people don’t wanna do, like you’re almost a nuisance. What I train them on is how really valuable they are to the department, how important they are to the company.  The best way to keep them motivated is leading by example, you know I work really hard, you know, when I do my “rah-rah” speeches, I’m out there with them. You know, everyday. Morning shift, evening shift, whatever they need. You know, I follow an open-door policy. To see somebody like that grow from, you know, making their first knock, to being a rock star, out of the gate salesman. And knowing that I directly help influence that is… is a good feeling, a good feeling. Helping others grow into having their dreams is, I would argue, almost better than finishing your own, if you will.

UWD Perk

Eric: By, you know, bustin my tail here at Universal Windows, I’m very pleased to say, I was able to get my fiancée, almost the ring of her dreams (laugh), her wedding dress… you know, just to be able to take care of the ones you love by bustin your butt for a company that’ll take care of you if you work hard for them.

Time for a Steckle Joke…

Eric: What did Jay-Z call Beyonce before they were married?

Director: What?

Eric: Fiancee. (laughter)

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