Customer Experience: Wendy H., Medina, OH

 Wendy H. from Medina, Ohio

1.)  Q: Why did you choose UWD for your project?

       A: We liked the products and the price. This is a big project and we wanted a company we could trust, so we did our homework, and decided on Universal.

2.)  Q: Did you enjoy your experience while working with UWD?

       A: Yes, we did. They were all very nice, and courteous. They seemed to really listen and understand our needs.

3.)  Q: Was the Salesperson knowledgeable about our products and services?

       A: Oh, yes! Actually, his knowledge was astounding. We learned so much. We learned more than I ever thought we would. He went over every aspect of roofing and doors, why it’s important, and how it related to our home.

4.)  Q: Did the Salesperson answer any questions you had about our products and services?

       A: Yes. We had multiple questions about the different roof types, and door energy efficiency. We wanted to make sure we were getting durable products.


5.)   Q: Did the Measure Technician answer your questions? Did they make sure the order was correct?

        A: Yes, he did. He went around and checked the problem areas. He looked at the order to make sure we had the right door, and our roof order was set.

 6.) Q: How did you feel about our communication with you throughout the process? Were we attentive enough? If not, what would you have liked to see changed?

       A: It was great. We were contacted before each stage of the process via email or phone call. We didn’t feel lost in the shuffle at all. It was nice to be made aware of what was happening and when.


7.) Q: Did our installers prep the work area first (i.e. place drop cloths, clear the area of obstacles, etc.?)

       A: They did. We have nice landscaping and they were very considerate. They put drop cloths down, and stayed off of our plants as much as possible.

8.) Q: Did our installers clean the work area when they were finished?

      A:Yes. They cleaned up extremely well. We didn’t find any random shingles, tar marks, or screws. Nothing was left in our landscaping, or on the ground.

9.) Q: Were there any issues that came up during the process? Is so, how were they handled?

      A: No issues.

10.) Q: Would you refer friends and family to UWD in the future?

        A: Yes, definitely! The whole process was smooth. With a job of this magnitude (roof and door), we would’ve thought there would be some sort of hiccup, but thankfully, there wasn’t. We felt like they went out of their way to allow us to have a great experience.

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