DIY vs. Professional Home Window Installation: Which Choice is Right for You?

In order to save money, some homeowners decide to take on the task of window installation on their own. While it’s possible to install new replacement windows in your own home, there are pros and cons with both professional and DIY home window installation:

DIY Window Installation: 

If you’re considering the do-it-yourself route for home window installation, here are a few things to keep in mind:

#1: It’s Easier to Make Mistakes

One of the realities of DIY window installation is that it’s very easy to make mistakes. Even the slightest mismeasurement can cause your whole project to go awry and set you back several weeks. The measurements need to be exact in order to correctly fit within the window’s original opening.

#2: Bad Installation Can Leave Gaps

If you get the measurements right on your new windows, there are still more hurdles that you need to overcome. If you improperly install your windows, there is a risk for leaving gaps around the frames. These gaps promote a substantial amount of energy loss and will directly impact your energy bills.

#3: Broke a Window? You’ll have to Buy Another

Sometimes accidents happen on installation day. You might accidentally break a window, and the bad part is that this cost is on you. Unfortunately, breaking a window means that you’ll shell out even more money to replace it with another.

#4: Dangers with Climbing a Ladder

Did you know that 43% of fatal falls in the last decade have involved a ladder? Leave window installation to the pros and keep your feet planted safely on the ground.

Professional Window Installation:

Here are the benefits of choosing professional installation for your new window project:

#1: Pros are Less Likely to Make Mistakes

Professional window installers know what it takes to properly measure your windows. There is a lower likelihood of mismeasurements or a bad installation process, which keeps your project right on track.

#2: Job Done Right the First Time

Time is money in the window industry. Your installer is trained to work quickly and get the job done right the first time, so there is less time wasted on do-overs.

#3: Use Proper Sealing Techniques

Professionals also know how to properly seal and install your windows. This ensures that drafts are kept at bay and your utility bills remain low.


#4: Broken Window? Not on Your Dime

If your install breaks the window, the window company eats the cost—which keeps more money in your pocketbook.

If you’re wondering what type of installation is right for you, contact us now to discuss the qualifications of our installers and how we can help save you more time and money.


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