Focus on the Customer: Service

Q: What is your primary role at Universal Windows Direct and why is it important to the customer?

A: My primary role is to address any and all service needs from homeowners. Those needs could range from simple warranty questions to installation issues, broken sashes to moisture control within the home. As a customer of Universal Windows Direct, its important that they know when they purchased our products; they invested in a company that they can rely on to answer every call, question and request they may have for us.

Q: What do you do in your job to ensure the customer has a great experience?

A: I try to keep in contact with the homeowner as much as possible from start to finish. After I have initial contact with the homeowner, if the issue isn’t able to be resolved over the phone, I then send a service technician to their home around a time that best suites their needs. Should parts need ordered, I follow up with them letting them know when its ordered and in production and that we will be calling them shortly to schedule a follow up for the technician after the part is here and inspected. Once the part has arrived, we tailor an appointment around their availability, and our service technician goes out to complete the service.

We do our best to remind them that we have not forgotten about them and that their experience is important to us. We want them to have peace of mind that their issues are going to be resolved to their satisfaction.

Q: When a customer comes to you with a problem or complaint, what do you do?

A: I ask as many questions as I can, I listen to all responses. I do my best to let them know that I understand why they may be upset, but more importantly, what we are going to do to address their concerns.

Q: How have you gone above and beyond for customers?

A: I think one of the best examples is from an elderly customer that called about her window not closing properly and that she had some safety concerns about waiting for a technician to be there the following day. I asked her a few questions about what I thought may be wrong with her window and asked her to describe a particular piece on the window to me. Based on her answers I knew that the window was simply out of shoe. I asked her if she would be available in about 30 minutes and, if it was okay, I could be there to fix her window. She could not believe that I was willing to drop what I was doing and take care of the issue so promptly.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Universal Windows Direct?

A: My favorite part about working at UWD is that I get to work with a company – not for a company. The dynamic in our company between departments and people is amazing; we may be different and work in different departments, but we are all part of the same team.

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