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From our intricate attention to detail and incredibly durable product selection, we provide lower Merion Township, PA with the best exterior products! Universal Windows Direct is the ultimate source for finding the very best quality replacement windows, entry doors, vinyl siding, and roofing in the area! We are one of the Top Ranking contractors in the entire country, and we are delighted to bring you replacement products that improve the quality of your home as well as your life.

About Our Products

Established in 2002, we know what it takes to make incredible quality replacement products. Find everything you could ever need for your exterior, ranging from performance to aesthetics.

Window Replacement

You’re a homeowner who expects the very best with your new window installation. You want a quality and durable product that helps save energy while making your home more beautiful. Rest assured that you will find exactly what you had in mind when you choose our exclusive UniShield® replacement windows! We never use recycled or flimsy vinyl so you know that you are getting the very best quality and durable frames for your home. This helps improve the structure of your exterior while providing window replacement that lasts for life. Maintenance becomes a headache of the past because vinyl windows do not chip, peel, or rot. Enjoy decades of performance and exceptional beauty when you invest in UniShield® house windows!

Window Replacement Lower Merion Township PA

Front Doors

What makes an outstanding entry door? When it comes to door replacement, you need a quality and durable material that what stands all of the elements. Otherwise, you’ll be left searching for new door replacement yet again in a few short years. If you want a durable door, choose fiberglass. Why? Because it is designed to reinforce skin that is moisture resistant. This means there is no rotting, peeling, or even warping with these exterior doors. If you want an energy efficient door, a fiberglass door with a phone core is just the upgrade you need. Our doors feature an internal foam core that is nearly 2 inches thick, providing you with exceptional insulation no matter the time of year. You’ll soon be saying three cheers for new entry doors when you are introduced to our quality products!

Entry Door Replacement Lower Merion Township PA

Vinyl Siding

You won’t believe your eyes once you see and realize the value of our UniShield® vinyl siding! There is simply no better option for the ultimate defense against the elements, providing a suit of armor for your home through every season. Vinyl is the exceptional exterior siding choice due to its durability, quality, and even aesthetics. You’ll never feel boxed in with your options for new siding replacement, especially with our extra aesthetic upgrades including vinyl scallops and vinyl cedar shakes. New vinyl siding enhances even the smallest nooks and crannies of your curb appeal. What’s even better is that it protects your exterior from water damage and even unsightly mold growth. When you want the top performing a most beautiful house siding in lower Merion Township, PA, choose UniShield®!

Home Siding Replacement Lower Merion Township PA

Roof Replacement

Give your home an overhaul in the way that it saves energy and protect your home from the elements with new roof replacement. As a partner of Owens Corning, we provide only the best asphalt roof replacement in lower Merion Township, PA. The shingle durability is outstanding and professionally installed, providing you with a lifetime of protection from leaks that can destroy the interior of your home.

We are pleased to offer the best product warranty and expert installation in the area!

Roof Replacement Lower Merion Township PA

Professional Installation and Warranty

Trust our experts to get the job done correctly and on time. We mean business when it comes to doing everything by the book and giving you the best experience possible. We also provide our True Lifetime warranty, guaranteeing performance for life!

Who is UWD?

We are your local exterior remodeling company, living right here in your neighborhood! We consider our customers as friends and we are on a mission to provide the very best quality products at an incredible market value. You simply won’t find a better combination of energy savings, aesthetics, and product price point anywhere in town. Don’t delay another second in making your home a more beautiful and comfortable place to live!

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