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As your favorite window company in Cordova, TN, we love our community and want to help you make your home the best place possible to live! We are Universal Windows Direct, one of the fastest-growing window contractors in the nation. We are listed near the top of both Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500 and Remodeling’s 550. But what makes us unique? Well, our company is comprised of 6 brothers who put their blood, sweat, and tears into improving the quality of your home as well as your life!

About Our Products

We aren’t kidding when we say our windows, roofing, doors, and siding can make your life better. By creating a more beautiful home and increasing indoor comfort levels, you’re on the fast track to living your best life!

Replacement Windows

These aren’t your grandma’s old school windows. Unishield® replacement windows showcase the innovative technologies that make your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer! For example, invisible gases add an extra layer of insulation to improve your home’s energy savings. As our exclusive window replacement brand, you’ll find that Unishield® brings an entirely new life to your curb appeal. Say goodbye to outdated windows that lose energy and drag down your home’s true beauty. Vinyl is a particularly popular frame material since it’s resistant to moisture damage, including rot. With our standout window styles, your exterior quickly becomes the talk of the block!

Replacement Window Installation Cordova TN

Vinyl Siding Installation

While they say that nothing lasts forever, Unishield® vinyl siding certainly comes close! We engineer our house siding to last a lifetime, providing you with nearly endless amounts of value through every season. In fact, the color is even guaranteed to last for 20 years under our warranty! This means there is no messing with a paintbrush or spending your weekend sanding away peeling paint---no siree! After your vinyl siding installation project is complete, there is nothing left to do other than to enjoy your new upgrade. The character of your home will be off the charts when you upgrade with vinyl scallops or vinyl cedar shakes. These siding products give just the right amount of unique appeal to your exterior that leaves you beaming with pride! What do you have in mind for your dream curb appeal?

Vinyl Siding Installation Cordova TN

Entry Doors

Here at Universal Windows Direct, there is no such thing as an average entry door! We only engineer the finest quality entry doors in Cordova, including a durable fiberglass material with a reinforced surface. This material holds the key to everlasting beauty as it resists the elements and is difficult to dent, ding, or scratch. The selection of wood stain and exterior paint colors is simply outstanding---and if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, let’s order your new door primed so you can paint it before it’s installed! It’s the most exciting way to put your own personal spin on entry doors, don’t you think?

Replacement Entry Doors Cordova TN


While other roofing companies in Cordova fall short on combining quality and affordability, you’re about to enter a new era of roof replacement options. As a partner of Owens Corning, we’re over the moon to offer this multi-layer roofing system that defends against the elements without draining your bank account. Nowhere else will you find the incredible combination of energy efficient roofing, durable materials, and striking shingles in a palette of hues inspired by nature. Mountains, forests, oceans, you name it---there’s a shingle color for you with Owens Corning!

Roof Replacement Cordova TN

About Product Installation and Warranty

Our True Lifetime warranty is our promise to provide outstanding products that perform for life! Along with labor and professional installation, we want you to have peace of mind knowing that you’re making the best investment possible for your family.

About UWD

We're the window company that your Cordova, TN neighbors trust with complete confidence! Our team is family---literally---as the 6 of us brothers work to improve the quality of your home as well as your life.

Universal Windows Direct has locations from coast to coast, but Cordova is our home! We live here and love our community, and we are proud to serve you as our neighbor. Find the best value in town with our windows, doors, roofing, and vinyl siding.

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