Exceptional Exterior Remodeling in Norwalk, Connecticut: Replacement Windows, Entry Doors, Vinyl Siding, and Roofing


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Universal Windows Direct is a trusted window company in Norwalk, Connecticut! Offering premium quality replacement windows, entry doors, vinyl siding, and roofing, your next exterior remodeling project awaits. We are an accredited company with the local BBB and provide excellent customer service to every homeowner in Norwalk. Engineered for energy savings, our products are certified by Energy Star with the goal of providing ultimate indoor comfort.

About Our Products

When it comes to exterior remodeling, we don’t take shortcuts in terms of quality, aesthetics, and value. While other window companies only focus on profit, we take a different approach. We provide premium products that are custom-made for your home and provide the best value for life!

Window Replacement

The word in Norwalk is that replacement windows make your home more energy-efficient and astoundingly beautiful. But here is the secret: not all windows provide such a vast array of benefits. To get the best experience with window installation in Norwalk, you need to choose quality windows such as our UniShield® brand. Why do our windows stand out from the rest? These vinyl windows stand the test of time while resisting the elements. They’ll look brand new throughout all seasons, allowing you to enjoy of new replacement windows no matter the weather! Speaking of beauty, you’ll find the most popular window styles that are sure to complement your Connecticut home---including all the charm that you’ll expect to find in our cozy New England community!

Replacement Window Installation Norwalk CT

Entry Doors

If the neighbors aren’t talking about your front door, something isn’t right! Our front door replacement sets a new tone for your curb appeal, complete with all of the aesthetic upgrades and performance benefits that you’re sure to love. Door replacement brings one of the best returns on investment in the entire remodeling industry, especially when you invest in quality fiberglass. Fiberglass is far superior to wood doors due to their affordability and striking resemblance to real wood all without the headache of maintenance. All you have to do is choose your custom design features such as paint or wood stains along with decorative glass options. It’s all up to you, and it’s the perfect opportunity to design your dream door from top to bottom!

Entry Door Replacement Norwalk CT

Roof Replacement

You need roofing you can rely on with Connecticut’s fluctuating seasons. Owens Corning, our powerful roofing system, is designed to defend your home while improving energy efficiency. Yes, new roof installation can help lower your utility bills! If your roof feels cool in the summer, this is actually a bad sign that your home isn’t properly ventilated. It causes your HVAC system to work in overdrive to cool or heat the attic when the attic should remain close to the temperature outside. This is why it’s important for roofing to include proper ventilation. Not to mention, it helps rid your attic of condensation which prevents mold and mildew infestations growing in your attic!

Roof Replacement Norwalk CT

Vinyl Siding

When you want the biggest impact for exterior remodeling, UniShield® vinyl siding replacement transforms the home in more ways than one. It makes the home instantly look more beautiful with its array of stunning aesthetic designs and colors. Even the classic panels, available in both XL and XXL lengths, envelope the home in a beautiful and high performance exterior siding. Details such as realistic wood grain patterns and vinyl scallops of cedar shakes will never go unnoticed! UniShield® siding installation is the ideal exterior facelift for any home in Norwalk.

In addition to our outstanding selection of exterior remodeling products, we also offer professional installation and warranty!

Siding Replacement Norwalk CT

True Lifetime Warranty and Installation

Rest assured that you’re working with the best company possible! Our True Lifetime warranty is known in the industry for its great coverage on many aspects of your new upgrade. We also provide expert installation for your complete peace of mind.

About UWD

We got our start in the exterior remodeling industry by remodeling homes throughout Norwalk. From there, we decided to focus primarily on exterior remodeling and opened our doors as your local Universal Windows Direct of Norwalk! You know us around town as your neighbor. You’ll find us spending time at local parks and shopping at the local grocery stores. We are local and invested in this community. It’s our home!

As one of the top window contractors on Remodeling’s 550 and Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500, we’re pleased to offer you premium exterior remodeling products that are engineered to last for life!

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