Improving Home Comfort with Replacement Windows, Entry Doors, and Vinyl Sidng in London, Ohio

Variable weather in London, Ohio puts extra demand on exterior performance. Premium replacement windows, entry doors, and vinyl siding help insulate the home and provide extra comfort. UWD’s exterior remodeling not only improves indoor comfort levels, but it also adds beauty to the home with performance that provides value.

Replacement Windows Bring Beauty to the Exterior

Home windows add oomph to curb appeal while simultaneously lowering utility bills. UniShield is one of the few windows in London that hits every beneficial mark on the checklist, including improving home value and saving money on utility bills. UniShield is the exclusive window product from UWD and it’s available in four tiers of glass package options.

UniShield Classic, Plus, Premium, and Supreme are the four options that revitalize the home while increasing energy savings. UWD’s professional window installation further aids its performance and reduces drafts. UniShield Plus, the most popular UniShield glass package, includes dual pane glass, argon gas in the airspace, and low-e glazing to keep the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

The most advanced glass package is UniShield’s Supreme package. This package encompasses all of today’s top energy-saving technologies including triple pane glass, krypton gas in the airspace, low-e, and professional window installation. This window can save homeowners over $400 per year when upgrading from severely inefficient windows.

All UniShield options come in the homeowner’s choice of window style and decorative options. UWD offers both traditional and contemporary window styles, including double hung, bay and bow, oval, half-round, slider, casement, and more. UniShield window products include a durable vinyl frame that is highly resistant to the elements and does not peel, warp, or rot. UniShield requires virtually no maintenance other than light cleaning between seasons.

Window installation enhances curb appeal with stunning styles and extra aesthetic options, including decorative glass and grids. Add decorative glass patterns such as prairie, double prairie, or floral for a unique sense of style. Grid patterns add life and interest to all windows in London.

Our home windows are covered under UWD’s True Lifetime warranty. This warranty gives homeowners peace of mind with window replacement for craftsmanship, installation, glass packages, and more.

Replacement Window Installation London OH

UniShield Vinyl Siding: Affordable and High-Quality

High-quality siding installation is taking over in London, Ohio. UniShield’s three tier levels make it easy to fit within a variety of budgets so all homeowners can enjoy beautiful curb appeal. Its impressive technologies, such as Universal Insulated Fan-Fold Housewrap, directly impact indoor comfort while its superior craftsmanship is second-to-none.

Universal Insulated Fan-Fold Housewrap helps reduce heat transfer that can ultimately result in higher utility bills. This housewrap’s R-Value is 1600% higher than fabric housewrap and provides incredible insulating power. It also helps the siding to lie flat without bucking or warping.

For increased energy savings, Fullback insulated underlayment provides an extra layer of thermal protection. This is an ideal upgrade for homeowners who are concerned with maintaining a consistent indoor temperature while reducing outdoor noise. It is also 500% more effective at resisting impact than exterior without Fullback insulated underlayment.

UniShield siding panels give the appearance of authentic oak grain with realistic texture. Homeowners may also choose a matte finish for an undeniably beautiful exterior. Our color pallette is among the most stunning in the area and extra aesthetic upgrades make a big impact on all homes.

UWD is so confident in the appearance of UniShield that it includes a 20-year color warranty. This guarantees the color will not fade.

UniShield is known for its exquisite appearance and ability to transform the home. Soffit is used to protect the home from wind-driven rain, while vinyl scallops are suited to style window gables and eave edges. Homeowners who are searching for a rustic exterior or simply want depth added to the home, consider upgrading with vinyl cedar shakes that appear authentically handcrafted.

UWD offers professional siding installation for increased performance. Even the best home siding benefits from quality installation, as it creates a seal against the elements and prevents mold and mildew growth.

Enjoy years of protection under UWD’s True Lifetime warranty. The warranty includes protection for craftsmanship, installation, pieces and parts, and more.

Vinyl Siding Replacement London OH

Exceptional Value with Entry Door Replacement

Entry door installation provides top return on investment. Our fiberglass doors feature a reinforced skin that is resistant to the elements. It does not easily dent, sing, or scratch. The impact-resistant door provides a beautiful upgrade to curb appeal with timeless style.

Both fiberglass and steel doors take curb appeal to the next level. By selecting from our color palette or ordering the door primed, entrance door replacement is a powerful home improvement. Door installation is beautiful as well as secure with steel frames providing a Grade 40 security rating. This makes our doors amongst the most secure in London.

Nearly endless decorative glass styles and designs are available. This adds unique flair to the door with many shapes and glass patterns to choose from.

Hardware options include leverests, locksets, handlesets, and deadbolts. Additional deadbolt upgrades include touch screen and keypad.

Our door products include a polyurethane foam core for increased energy savings. This increases the thermal efficiency of the door, making it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Durable weatherstripping further blocks out drafts.

UWD offers entry door installation for guaranteed performance. Durable weatherstripping blocks out drafts while an adjustable threshold provides an additional weatherproof barrier. Expert installation fits the door flush with the frame which is essential for energy savings and security.

UWD offers protection for front doors with our True Lifetime warranty. This includes pieces, parts, installation, craftsmanship, and more.

Replacement Entry Doors London OH

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