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Why Homeowners Love UniShield® Replacement Windows in Massillon, Ohio

Are you a homeowner looking for replacement windows in Massillon, Ohio? There are a lot of companies in the area that claim to have the best of everything—best in quality, efficiency, and aesthetics. The truth is that not all window companies can claim to be the best, especially when they don’t offer top-of-the-line UniShield® windows.

UniShield® from Universal Windows Direct is one of the best quality replacement windows in Massillon. Their superior efficiency and style saves homeowners money while boosting curb appeal, making it the top options for homeowners in this area.

Here are a few reasons why UniShield® replacement windows are so popular in Massillon:

  • UniShield® is one of the very few replacement windows that hits all of the important points for homeowners—they’re beautiful, efficient, and engineered to save you money on your utility bills. While many window companies only focus on offering the lowest price, Universal Windows Direct offers ultimate value with UniShield® windows.
  • Homeowners are never short on options when they choose UniShield®. These premium windows are available in four levels of energy efficiency, including UniShield® Classic, Plus, Premium, and Supreme.
  • These windows are also available in a variety of stylistic options. Homeowners in Massillon can take their pick from a variety of vinyl colors that will complement any home.
  • In addition to vinyl colors, UniShield® is also available in various decorative glass and grid designs. Add a new element of design with diamond grids, colonial grids, and etched glass with prairie view or even rain glass.
  • Perhaps the biggest benefit of UniShield® is its energy efficiency. No matter what level of glass package that you choose, you won’t be short changed on keeping energy dollars in your bank account.
  • UniShield® Classic and Plus options are engineered with two panes of glass and the highest quality vinyl materials on the market. UniShield® plus adds argon gas between the panes for maximum efficiency.
  • The best options for energy saving and value is the UniShield® Premium and Supreme glass packages. Both levels are designed with three panes of glass and energy-saving gasses between the panes.
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Keys to Selecting Energy Efficient Entry Doors in Massillon, Ohio

Just like outdated windows, old entry doors in Massillon, Ohio can send your energy bills soaring. This is especially the case if your entry door is damaged, which can contribute to heat escaping your home. However, a new entry door can actually help you save money if you select one that is designed to prevent energy loss.

As a homeowner, you likely will only have to buy a couple of entry doors in your lifetime—assuming that you select a high quality entry door to begin with. Although aesthetics are important, you will want to keep energy efficiency in mind as you shop around and explore your options.

When you’re ready to get the most out of a new entry door, here’s how you can choose the most energy efficient option:

  • First, consider the material of your entry door. Many people love the beauty of wood entry doors in Massillon, but the truth is that their energy efficiency is subpar to other options on the market. For example, fiberglass entry doors, such as those from Universal Windows Direct, are highly efficient and offer up to four times the insulation as wood. Most fiberglass entry doors have an R-value of R-5 to R-6. Steel entry doors also offer excellent energy saving value, and are very low in maintenance.
  • The next consideration is invisible to the naked eye, but it’s vitally important for the efficiency of your new entry door. The most energy efficient entry doors in Massillon, Ohio are designed with a polyurethane foam core. This core adds an extra layer of insulation and helps homeowners in Massillon save more energy.
  • You’ll also want to be sure that your new entry door includes high-performance weather-stripping barriers. Universal Windows Direct offers entry doors with adjustable thresholds, which will help you achieve proper sealing at the bottom of the door. Weather-stripping barriers help block unwanted drafts and keep your home as comfortable as possible all throughout the year.

When you want your home to look more beautiful and save more energy, Universal Windows Direct can help compliment your home with a steel door. Our steel entry doors add a contemporary twist with energy-saving benefits to any home.

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Is Premium Vinyl Siding in Massillon, Ohio Worth the Cost?

You’ve decided that your home siding can use a facelift with vinyl siding. However, you also noticed that vinyl siding in Massillon, Ohio comes in a range of prices. While you might not want to spend a fortune on your new exterior upgrade, bargain basement siding seems like a red flag to you---and you happen to be right.

The reality is that the quality of your vinyl siding in Massillon often correlates with price. However, Universal Windows Direct combines quality and value for your new vinyl siding, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to save money.

Here are a few reasons why premium vinyl siding is worth the cost:

  • Top quality siding lasts much longer than cheaper options on the market. Although the attractive price tag makes cheap vinyl siding a tempting option, keep in mind that you’ll likely have to replace again in a few years. If you continue to buy cheap home siding every 5-7 years, you’ll end up spending far more than if you would have invested in quality vinyl siding.
  • In addition to lasting longer, premium vinyl siding also has superior structural integrity. Universal Windows Direct’s UniShield® siding is available with a thickness between .44”-.46”, which ensures that the durability of the vinyl stands the test of time.
  • Premium vinyl siding in Massillon is also resistant to fading. Our quality siding undergoes a color-through process that makes the vinyl look brand new for years to come.
  • If you’re willing to invest a little extra for energy savings, homeowners in Massillon can opt for Universal Housewrap. This will help reduce air infiltration while eliminating energy transfer points into your home, keeping the indoors at a comfortable temperature throughout the seasons.
  • Keep in mind that even if you invest in quality vinyl siding, poor installation can nearly omit any of its benefits. Be sure that you hire a professional vinyl siding company in Massillon that is skilled and certified to complete your project.
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