How Can Windows, Siding, Doors, and Roofing enhance your Huron, Ohio Home?

You only get one chance to make a first impression. This is especially the case with the exterior of your home. When you want a passerby to look twice, you really need to have exceptional curb appeal that hits every mark. Windows, siding, doors, and roofing can help take your Huron, Ohio, home to the next level.

This is how these exterior features from UWD can add extra aesthetic appeal and more money to your bank account:

Siding Made for Beauty and Protection

These days it feels like you continue to pay more for exterior upgrades but receive less for your money. This is a thing of the past when it comes to UniShield® siding. This exceptional exterior is engineered with value in mind, and our aim is to please every Huron homeowner with our vast selection of aesthetic upgrades and unbeatable craftsmanship.

UniShield® siding panels aren’t mass produced from a mystery manufacturer. Our exclusive UniShield® exterior is made right here in America and it’s designed to last for decades. Homeowners don’t have to think twice about the quality of the panels, as they are levels above builder grades with features such as .46” thickness for better quality craftsmanship. Heavy-gauge plastic panels envelope your home and protects it from the elements—and its aesthetics are nothing to shake a stick at.

What’s great about UniShield® aesthetic options? You won’t need to worry about the color fading only after a few short years. Our True Lifetime Warranty offers color fading protection, ensuring that the vibrancy of your panels never goes unnoticed. Concerned about craftsmanship? The warranty also includes manufacture defects, installation, and more.

In addition to extraordinary color options, you can also enhance window gables and other notable aesthetic details with our vinyl shakes. These make the finest details of your home stand out, never failing to catch the eye with every passerby.

Get Ready for Ridiculously Solid Roofing

Need a roof you can rely on after every rainstorm, heavy wind, and freezing cold night? Never again will you question the performance of your roof. UWD offers Owens Corning products for Huron homeowners who have had it with the same-old roofing selection. This is a system that focuses on performance and boosts the look of your home the second that the first shingle is installed.

Owens Corning shingles from UWD never fails to catch the eye. Their aesthetic appeal one-ups competitors in terms of quality and color selection. There is a color option for every personality, and it’s sure to complement your curb appeal. Whether you’re looking for soothing blues or a unique option such as chateau green, Owens Corning provides everything you could ever want in a shingle.

While many companies offer a pretty shingle but fall short on other components, Owens Corning is just getting started. Our system contains top-of-the-line solutions to keep your home dry, regardless of the severity of the storm of fluctuating seasons. SureNail technology is used to keep every shingle in place, which is the solution to resisting winds of up to 130 MPH.

If high wind protection isn’t on your radar, it’s safe to say that you’re concerned about leaks. Leaks can wreak havoc on your home and attic space, but Owens Corning products are built with water barrier protection in mind. Rainfall doesn’t stand a chance against VentSure InFlow vents, which are designed to block out wind-driven rain. ProEdge hip and ridge vents also helps your home to breathe, further preventing wood rot on the rafters, indoor condensation, and more.

Choose Owens Corning from UWD for its quality products and our 10-year workmanship limited warranty.

A Better Window for Your Bank Account

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a window that looks beautiful, save energy, and performs up to your expectations? This window isn’t a myth. It is only found at Universal Windows Direct, and it is known as the exclusive UniShield® window.

UniShield® glass packages are engineered to enhance your window in terms of energy savings. Every window package has something to offer for the home, with the most popular package standing as UniShield® Plus. UniShield® Plus is equipped with today’s most popular energy saving solutions, including argon gas, dual pane technology, and a single application of low-e glazing to protect against UV rays.

However, UWD has more to offer than just an energy efficient window. This window also happens to improve the aesthetics of your home with various options and upgrades. Every homeowner will find something suitable for their style, with numerous vinyl paint color selections comment decorative glass, and grids.

Quality Doors to Increase Curb Appeal

Doors from UWD raise the bar in terms of quality, aesthetics, and efficiency. Fiberglass doors are designed with a reinforced skin, making it an exceptionally durable choice for any Huron homeowner. Fiberglass can also be painted your custom color to truly make your mark on the neighborhood.

Fiberglass isn’t the only material that stands the test of time. Steel is another quality material option available at UWD. Aside from offering an impressive return on investment, steel doors are notably secure—especially when paired with our innovative touch screen deadbolt option.

Regardless of the door material that you choose, professional installation from UWD ensures an airtight seal to block out drafts. Our True Lifetime Warranty also guarantees top quality performance and efficiency for years to come.

There’s no reason to choose subpar exterior upgrades. Choose UWD for your next exterior remodel.

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