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Understanding the Engineering of Replacement Windows in Green, Ohio

What goes into the making of a replacement window? The truth is that the process of engineering home windows varies some from company to company. Universal Windows Direct ensures quality and craftsmanship during the design and creation of our windows, and we strive for complete satisfaction with every homeowner in Green, Ohio.

Here is how UWD meets the mark with our energy efficient windows time and time again:

The Best Materials in the Business

There are numerous materials available for your window frames. However, UWD uses quality vinyl for the frames of our Windows. Why do we choose vinyl? It’s an affordable material that lasts for years, especially seeing as that we use the highest quality vinyl available. It’s not prone to cracking, warping, or peeling away—even during the intense summer heat or freezing winter nights.

Better Glass Packages for Enhanced Energy Savings

Replacement windows are famous for keeping your utility bills low. However, windows that are mass engineered---or cost very little money---typically aren’t designed to help you save money month after month.

This is why Universal Windows Direct offers an incredible value with UniShield® glass packages. These windows are engineered to keep utility bills low while keeping your home more comfortable. Depending on the package that you select, you’ll find energy solutions such as dual and triple pane glass, argon or krypton gas, and one-to-two coats of low e-glazing.

Aesthetic Options Suited for Your Personal Style

Aesthetics is another major component of your window installation upgrade. Vinyl windows are flexible in terms of color, and UWD offers numerous color options to perfectly complement your home’s appearance.

UWD also offers aesthetic options beyond frame color. Decorative glass options are also available, which allows for natural light to enter the home without sacrificing privacy. Furthermore, you can also upgrade the look and feel of your home with window grids for your own personal touch.

Choosing custom windows is much better for your home and bank account than pre-made products. This way you can ensure that the windows are designed to fit your home, which helps maximize energy saving and reduce air infiltration.

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FAQs for Entry Doors for Your Home in Green, Ohio

Upgrading your entry door can be a confusing process. You’ll likely have a lot of questions on everything to cost, value, and installation. A knowledgeable residential door company in Green, Ohio can help answer your questions and clear up any confusion that you might have along the way. Universal Windows Direct is the go-to source for entry doors in Green, and these are a few of the most frequently asked questions from homeowners in our area.

What is the Right Door Material for Me?

The material door isn’t a small detail that you should quickly blow off. In fact, the material can make or break the performance and style of the door altogether. The two best materials to consider is fiberglass and steel. Both materials have something to offer homeowners, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much either option can improve your home.

Fiberglass is the best option to resist wear and tear. Universal Windows Direct engineers its fiberglass doors with reinforced skin. This helps cut down on dents, dings, and scratches. Furthermore, homeowners can also enjoy an extensive selection of paint colors. While we have plenty of choices in our inventory, you also have the option to order your door primed so you can pick your very own custom paint color.

Steel is the second door material to consider. This is a popular pick for residential doors. It’s desirable due to its large array of styles. They are also very low maintenance and exceptionally durable.

Do I need to Maintain Steel and Fiberglass Doors?

The good news is that both steel and fiberglass are very low in maintenance. This is the major advantage both materials have over wood. Wood doors require regular sanding, staining, and painting to keep them looking great all year long. This is a thing of the past with both steel and fiberglass, and you can put away your paintbrush for good.

Will my Door New Save Energy?

Whether you choose steel or fiberglass, your new door from Universal Windows Direct can help reduce your energy bills. This is because they are designed with an internal polyurethane foam core. This helps keep your home comfortable throughout the seasons. Don’t forget that our expert installers create an airtight seal to reduce drafts and eliminate air making its way into your home.

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The Most Important Qualities of New Vinyl Siding in Green, Ohio

Shopping for vinyl siding in Green, Ohio is a tough task that can take months. This is especially the case if you are a thorough homeowner who is dedicated to researching your options. As you make your list and check it twice, you'll realize that a lot of exterior options in the area don't hit every mark. You'll find a lot of siding that is overpriced and poor quality, or exterior options with limited aesthetic upgrades.

If you're finding yourself in this position, not all hope is lost. Universal Windows Direct's UniShield® home siding is engineered to hit nearly every mark on your most-wanted list. We've turned our attention to the qualities that matter most in new siding, which includes the following:

Quality Materials, Exceptional Engineering, Beautiful Aesthetics

Who wants to upgrade with new siding that will crack, peel, or even peel away over the next couple of years? Quality matters most to homeowners in Green, and UniShield® siding from Universal Windows Direct is sure to deliver.

How do we know that our siding panels are engineered with the best quality available? First, the vinyl is composed of ingredients that are proven to last for years. We don't use filler ingredients to save a buck or two, and homeowners throughout the area notice this when their siding lasts for many years.

Not only does the lifespan of the vinyl last for years, the color is guaranteed to last with our warranty. Our factory color process ensures that every square inch of the siding panel is coated with high quality paint that will remain vibrant for up to 20 years.

Furthermore, the structural integrity of UniShield® simply can't be beat. We've gone beyond builder grade siding to offer homeowners exterior vinyl panels that are up to .46" thick. The panel thickness ensures that the siding won't blow away during a strong windstorm or warp from sun exposure or moisture.

If you think that you couldn't possibly afford exterior that is the same caliber as UniShield®, think again. Universal Windows Direct strives to offer top-notch siding and home improvement products at a fantastic value. We believe that you shouldn't have to go bankrupt in order to improve your home.

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