Upgrading Your Elyria, Ohio Home with Windows, Siding, Doors, and Roofing

Upgrading the exterior of your home in Elyria, Ohio results in increased value, better curb appeal, and even energy savings. There are many benefits for every home with an exterior upgrade, especially when you choose quality products from Universal Windows Direct. But how do you know that you’re getting the best value possible?

The quality of your products is an essential component to any home improvement upgrade. This is what you can expect from windows, siding, doors, and roofing from UWD.

Windows Engineered to Last for Years

You’ll find companies all over Elyria offering replacement windows for the home, but they don’t all stack up in terms of quality. Quality vinyl window products use different frame ingredients than those that are mass produced. UWD only uses the best quality ingredients in the industry, ensuring that they withstand the elements, save energy, and last up to 20 years—and sometimes longer.

The quality of UniShield® goes beyond the frames. The glass packages are perhaps even more impressive, which are certified by Energy Star and help homeowners save up to $465 per year on utility bills.

The most popular UniShield® option is UniShield® Plus. This glass package includes dual pane technology that’s filled with energy-saving argon gas. While argon increases the thermal efficiency of the window, a single coat of low-e glazing is also applied to reduce ultraviolet rays. This combination results in one of the most efficient windows in the area.

To get the most value for your window replacement project, consider UniShield® Supreme. This window takes energy efficiency to an entirely new level, starting with triple pane glass. Triple pane is proven to make your home more comfortable, and it even helps reduce outdoor noise. Krypton gas is used between the panes of UniShield® Supreme, which is denser than argon and keeps your home cozy throughout the seasons. Lastly, a double coat of low-e glazing is applied to the glass to keep your furniture and flooring from fading.

In addition to quality vinyl frames, UWD offers professional installation. Certified by InstallationMasters®, the window installation team doesn’t cut corners when it comes to craftsmanship. The installation process will help maximize energy efficiency in the home and ensure that your investment continues to perform for years to come.

Siding so Beautiful, Your Neighbors Will Look Twice

When you choose UniShield® siding for your new exterior, it’s no coincidence that your home gets a second look from onlookers and neighbors alike. UWD’s exterior engineering process is a step above the rest. Every siding panel undergoes a color-through factory process to make sure every inch is coated in a high-quality siding paint color of your choice. Choose from hues inspired by nature in tones of greens, blues, greys, and more.

Not only is UniShield® exterior beautiful, it is also durable and built to block out the elements. The panels are available in thickness of up to .46” thick. These panels overshadow builder grade exterior and will keep your home looking beautiful for years. Not to mention, our color warranty ensures that the vibrancy of your vinyl will remain top-notch for up to 20 years along with a lifetime fade protection.

Take your curb appeal to the next level with extra aesthetic options, including vinyl scallops inspired from the Victorian era. Don’t forget that cedar shakes gives your home a rustic yet modern edge, with quality craftsmanship showcased with every unique wood grain detail.

When you decide to upgrade your siding with exceptionally durable UniShield® exterior, you’ll want to make sure your investment stands the test of time. Be sure to discuss our siding installation with us and ask how it helps improve performance. UniShield® panels are designed to block out moisture and damage that comes along with it, including mold and mildew growth. Our quality installation service ensures that the panels’ performance remains up to par.

Don’t settle for exterior that brings down the appearance and value of your home. Consider UniShield® for your next siding upgrade.

Fiberglass and Steel Doors: Security, Style, and Energy Savings

Would you believe that doors can help your home in terms of security, curb appeal, and even energy savings? These are the benefits you’ll find with an entry door upgrade from UWD. Each door is engineered with the finest craftsmanship, whether your heart is set on steel or you’re favoring fiberglass.

Every fiberglass door from UWD comes equipped with a reinforced skin. This skin maximizes the durability of the door and it’s resistant to chipping and peeling. This helps the door look polished and maintained, and the best part is that you don’t have to lift a finger with painting, sanding, or staining.

Steel doors are known to enhance the security of your home. This is especially the case when you choose UWD’s touch pad deadbolt option. This allows for keyless entry with your steel door, keeping intruders at bay and your family safe.

Both steel and fiberglass door options are available with numerous hardware options and a polyurethane foam core, designed to regulate indoor temperature and lower utility bills.

Prevent Leaks with Top-Quality Roofing

Your search for the best roofing in Elyria is over. UWD partnered with Owens Corning to offer incredible roofing products with exceptional quality. The asphalt shingles are thicker and more durable compared to others at the same price point and quality.

Owens Corning shingles are designed for durability, and the water barrier system will keep your home bone dry. Protect your attic from leaks with a system that is proven to block out moisture while allowing your attic space to breathe.

Roofing from UWD is backed by a 10-year workmanship limited warranty. Combined with our TruPROtection coverage period, it offers an extended period of coverage including workmanship for 10 years.

No matter how you choose to upgrade your home, the quality and value of products from UWD can’t be beat. Contact us for a quote today.

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