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Is a Cheap Replacement Window the Best Value for Your Canton, OH Home?

When it comes to buying replacement windows for your Canton, OH home, are you shopping based on price alone?

Time and again we’re reminded that, “you get what you pay for” is as true an adage as, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Replacement windows for your home could easily fall into both categories.

When it comes to replacing your windows, you really do get what you pay for—and there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

At Universal Windows Direct, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality windows at the most affordable prices. We even offer financing incentives to make installing our UniShield® replacement windows in your Canton home a worry-free, hassle-free, stress-free experience. We employ our own company installers, each of whom understands that customer service goes beyond simply fitting a replacement window into an opening properly.

At Universal Windows Direct, our focus is on offering customers genuine value—every single day, not just during a special promotion or the off-season. Any window company can claim to be the cheapest, but not all window companies can back up the fact that they offer the biggest bang for their customers’ bucks.

We don’t keep a large stock of standard replacement window and door inventory on hand, so our overhead costs are immediately lower—and we pass that savings on to our customers, automatically. It’s a simple formula that’s served us well for more than a decade.

The windows sold by UWD are ordered directly from our manufacturer—only after we’ve measured the frame openings in your home. That means every job is a custom job. But because we buy in such enormous volume, the prices of the replacement windows we install in Canton homes are automatically lower—without the gimmicks. So while you might not be getting a “free” lunch, you’re definitely getting a better lunch that costs less, so to speak.

And because we’ve invested so much time, energy and money into research and development, we can confidently say that when you replace your windows with Universal Windows Direct, you really are getting what you pay for. And that’s a great thing.

Replacement Window Installation Canton OH

Canton, OH Homeowners Are Embracing Entry Doors with "Swing"

Here’s the problem with some of the new doors installed on Canton, OH homes: They ain’t got that swing.

Turn the door knobs on those doors and they’ll open, sort of, but sometimes they stick because they are warped; and sometimes they won’t close properly because they can’t be adjusted; and sometimes they don’t sit in the frames correctly because the houses have settled.

Entry doors, from Universal Windows Direct, come with patented “swing” built in. You can spot the homes that have UniShield® entry doors hanging on them correctly right away.

UniShield® entry doors feature a patented adjustable hinge plate system that’s built right in. That’s a lot of fancy jargon for saying that when UniShield® doors are installed on homes they can be adjusted as normal settling and climate changes happen. Try that with a box store door brand. It’s not happening.

With a UWD door installed, all a Canton, OH homeowner has to do is grab a screwdriver and make any necessary adjustments to the patented hinge plate system. Once Universal Windows Direct’s professional entry door installation team leaves the jobsite, homeowners with UniShield® entry doors can adjust the doors up and down if needed, which means they’ll always open perfectly.

And speaking of swing, UniShield® is sold exclusively by Universal Windows Direct, which means the patented hinge plate system can only be found on the new doors sold and installed by us.

Entry Door Replacement Canton OH

Can the Vinyl Siding on Your Canton, OH Home Pay for Itself

Before you consider having vinyl siding installed on your Canton home, take a moment to think about energy. Saving energy, that is.

When you place vinyl siding on a flat surface, it’s easy to see the air pockets that are typically hidden after installation. With the freeze-thaw cycle of Ohio bearing down on your home, those spaces make your new siding susceptible to denting. They also allow noise to move unobstructed through your home’s exterior walls. But the biggest problem with these unfilled spaces, typical of other siding installations, is that they allow for continuous airflow—cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer.

That air blasting beneath your home's siding can dramatically diminish any energy you might be saving in the form of energy-efficient appliances or an updated heating and cooling system.

Universal Windows Direct offers a unique solution to lost energy efficiency.

UWD’s Fullback contoured insulated underlayment installed on your home, prior to the installation of our UniShield® Supreme vinyl siding, provides a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient barrier that fills the spaces beneath the vinyl siding.

UWD’s Fullback contoured insulated underlayment is a specially engineered foam that fits beneath our exclusive UniShield® vinyl siding. The spaces between your home’s siding and exterior wall sheathing are protected and better insulated.

Because UWD invests so much money in research and development, our tests have proven that our premium Fullback contoured underlayment can outperform traditional vinyl siding installed without insulation. That superior energy efficiency makes UWD’s UniShield® vinyl siding an integral part of an energy-efficient Canton, OH home. And when you save money on heating and cooling bills, over time, your Universal Windows Direct UniShield® vinyl siding can even pay for itself.

Vinyl Home Siding Canton OH

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