The Top Options for Replacement Windows, Entry Doors, Vinyl Siding, and Roofing in Bedford, Ohio



Universal Windows Direct provides local homeowners with top-notch exterior products, including replacement windows, entry doors, vinyl siding, and roofing.

All of our beautiful products are custom made for your home and excel at energy savings. Many UWD products are certified by Energy Star, which means our exterior solutions will help lower utility bills while making your home look beautiful.

Backed by industry leading warranties, our exterior home remodeling products will provide your home with a lifetime of beauty, value, and performance. Join the over 35,000 homeowners that have trusted Universal Windows Direct with their home improvement projects!

UniShield® Windows: Excellence in Energy Savings and Aesthetics

When was the last time you were excited about a window? With UniShield® window products from UWD, it’s easy to truly love your new window upgrade. This is a product that offers the whole shebang when it comes to new window benefits. You’ll find UniShield® is expertly crafted with excellence in energy savings and careful consideration in craftsmanship. Simply put, there are few windows that can stack against the exlcusive UniShield® window from UWD.

This window is a top choice for local homeowners due to its affordability and glass package options. Four energy-saving tier levels are available that will improve the performance of your home. The most popular UniShield® option is the UniShield® Premium, which includes today’s top technologies for quality frames and energy savings.

UniShield® Premium features modern dual pane glass with argon gas between the panes. Argon keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Furthermore, a single application of low-e is included to filter harmful UV rays from entering your home. UV light can fade carpets, hardwood floors, walls, and more.

Every UniShield® window is engineered with quality vinyl frames that protect against the elements. These windows won’t rot, chip, or peel—even during the worst weather here in Ohio. Vinyl is a durable frame choice for homeowners who want the best bang for their buck and a better window product.

If you’re skeptical on the performance of UniShield®, we’re happy to back up our claims with our True Lifetime warranty. This warranty covers pieces, parts, glass systems, and more.

Replacement Windows Bedford OH

UniShield® Vinyl Siding: Take Your Home to a New Level of Style

If you’re not feeling the look of your home’s exterior, we have good news for you. UniShield® vinyl siding is the exceptional choice for transforming curb appeal, regardless of architecture. This siding is designed to maximize curb appeal with various complementing and contrasting color. Regardless of your style or current color scheme, there is something for everyone with siding at UWD.

What can you expect when you choose UWD for your new exterior project? You’ll find the panels feature lifelike wood grain patterns that replicate the look of real wood. Flimsy boards aren’t an option here at UWD, as our panels are engineered with high quality ingredients with a thickness of nearly 1/2-inch.

UniShield® increases the structural integrity of your home and dramatically impacts its appearance. You can further enhance its effects by choosing upgrades such as vinyl cedar shakes. These shakes are a trending upgrade in the area due to its attractive appearance and instant boost in curb appeal. Vinyl shakes are the cost-effective and quick way to replicate the look of real cedar shakes without the hassle of maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, you’ll barely need to lift a finger to care for your new exterior. Once installation is complete, you’ll only need to care for your new vinyl exterior once or two a year with cleaning. This cleaning is easily accomplished with a soft bristle brush and a diluted cleaning solution.

One of the best advantages of choosing UniShield® siding is that the color is guaranteed for up to 20 years under our True Lifetime warranty. You’ll enjoy free service costs for any product defects outlined in the warranty.

Quality and Secure Entry Doors

There is nothing better than sleeping sound at night knowing your home is locked up tight. Entry doors from UWD feature industry-leading options in terms of security, with a Grade 40 security rating. This means that the steel door will not open under 7 hits of a 100-pound test weight.

Two options are available for entry door materials: steel and fiberglass. Both options will give you an incredible value and a beautiful exterior. Fiberglass is the best pick for a looks-like-real-wood door without sanding, staining, or painting. Steel doors provide a high return on investment and are aesthetically flexible.

Your new entry door features a polyurethane foam core for maximized efficiency. Durable weatherstripping is also included, and professional installation creates an airtight seal to keep out the elements.

Entry doors are professionally installed by UWD and include protection under our True Lifetime warranty.

Entry Doors Cleveland OH

Optimal Roofing System for Every Home

There’s no better way to top off your home than with superior roofing from UWD. We’re a proud partner of Owens Corning, one of the most trusted brands in the home remodeling industry.

With UWD, you’ll get more than a roof—you’ll get a complete system that protects your home from the elements, keeps you dry, and helps save energy.

You’ll find the best solutions available today in the roofing industry to solve nearly any roofing woe. SureNail keeps shingles in place during winds of up to 130 MPH, and ProEdge Hip & Ridge vent offers balanced ventilation to protect against wind-driven.

When your roof is professionally installed by UWD, you’ll enjoy a high quality roof for decades. Our roofing products are covered under a 10-year workmanship limited warranty as well as the TruPROtection coverage, which options ranging between 15-50 years.

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