Best Exterior Remodeling Value in Beachwood, Ohio: Replacement Windows, Entry Doors, Vinyl Siding, and Roofing

Not all home improvements are created equal, but exterior remodeling is proven to provide a high return on investment. Exterior remodeling benefits the bank account by improving energy efficiency, resulting in potential savings of hundreds of dollars per year. UWD provides top-quality replacement windows, entry doors, vinyl siding, and roofing in Beachwood, Ohio.

Window Replacement Increases Energy Savings

UniShield® window replacement brings major benefits to Beachwood homes. Its exquisite engineering showcases quality craftsmanship, from the vinyl frames all the way down to the springs inside of the window. UWD guarantees performance of UniShield® through our industry-leading True Lifetime warranty, which covers installation, craftsmanship, and more.

UniShield®’s durable vinyl frames keep maintenance at an all-time low. There is no painting or staining involved with vinyl frames and they come pre-painted in the color of your choice. Homeowners have no shortage of window styles to choose from, including popular options such as double hung, bay and bow, slider, casement, garden, and specialty shapes. All windows are custom engineered for the unique window openings of the home. Various decorative glass and grid systems are available to further enhance the window’s appearance.

UWD provides professional window installation for UniShield® products. Expert window replacement is essential to performance by reducing air infiltration and preventing energy loss. Our installation process enhances home comfort that lasts for years to come.

High-level comfort is achieved through UniShield®’s innovative glass packages. These technologies encompass the industry’s top technologies for spectacular energy savings. Save hundreds of dollars per year with dual or triple pane glass units, argon or krypton gas between the panes, and low-e application to reduce UV rays.

Consider UniShield® Plus for your new window replacement project. UniShield® Plus is an energy efficient window that features dual pane glass, argon gas for increased interior comfort, and low-e to control heat transfer. It’s the ideal window to make homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

UniShield® is certified by Energy Star and improves local homes from the inside out.

Replacement Window Installation Beachwood OH

High Quality Asphalt Roofing from Owens Corning

Asphalt roof replacement is an incredibly durable product. UWD is partnered with Owens Corning, one of the leading roofing suppliers in the country. We’re passing one of the industry’s top roofing systems for a sounder, dryer, and more comfortable home.

Owens Corning’s shingles are engineered with quality asphalt. These shingles are heavier and more durable than shingles in similar price ranges. Available in an array of colors, there is a shingle to fit every exterior color palette and architecture. Popular color selections include onyx black, amber, driftwood, estate grey, and harbor blue. Colors such as chateau green and terra cotta add significant aesthetic impact to the roof and serve as beautiful complementing or contrasting color options.

The shingles are designed to withstand 130MPH windows with the help of SureNail technology. SureNail provides incredible adhesive power and keeps the shingles intact with only four nails.

To battle against wind-driven rain, ProEdge Hip & Ridge vent provides easier installation with the goal of a dry attic space. This reduces the likelihood of moisture damage of rafter beams that may result in mold or mildew growth. VentSure InFlow Vent also provides distinct ventilation of the attic space for proper airflow.

Weather Lock G holds the key as an ice and water barrier. This is an essential part of the system that’s necessary for proper water runoff from the roof. It prevents damage caused by water migration.

UWD offers roofing installation for Owens Corning systems. Warranty protection is provided through UWD’s TruPROtection plan that lasts up to 50 years. An additional 10-year craftsmanship warranty is also available.

Roof Replacement Beachwood OH

UniShield® Vinyl Siding Enriches the Exterior

With smooth profiles and polished color selections, home siding provides a one-way street to a more attractive curb appeal. UniShield® vinyl siding is engineered with strong attention to detail, including lifelike oak grain patterns. Beachwood homeowners experience the best in pride of homeownership with high-quality UniShield® siding installation.

UniShield® is available in an array of colors ranging from traditional to contemporary. The panels are provided in lengths including XL and XXL for a nearly seamless appearance. UWD’s expert vinyl siding installation ensures that the panels lie flat to the exterior, while Universal Insulated Fan-Fold Housewrap further enhances streamlined profiles.

Our housewrap’s R-Value provides ultimate efficiency with an R-Value that’s 1600% higher than fabric housewraps. This product provides insulation down to the wood studs, while Fullback Insulated Underlayment further blocks out drafts and provides sound-blocking technology.

UWD’s home siding is protected under our True Lifetime warranty. An additional 20-year color fade warranty is also available.

Vinyl Siding Installation Beachwood OH

Entry Doors with Endless Potential

UWD’s inventory of fiberglass entry doors pose no limits on aesthetics and energy savings. Fiberglass is the top material to choose for a door that closely resembles real wood. This material brings the additional benefit of resistance to the elements, as there is no need to treat fiberglass or bother about touch-ups. Plenty of decorative glass options and sidelites are available to increase natural light and aesthetics to the door.

UWD’s entry door installation provides increased comfort with an airtight fit. Durable weatherstripping seals out the elements while a polyurethane foam core increases thermal efficiency.

Both fiberglass and steel doors provide increased security to the home. Steel frames contain a Grade 40 security rating, which is one of the highest in the industry. Add more security and style to the door with your choice of hardware, ranging from deadbolts to locksets and handlesets.

Entry door replacement includes protection under UWD’s True Lifetime warranty. This covers the performance of the door in terms of craftsmanship, pieces, parts, and more.

Entry Door Replacement Beachwood OH

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