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Are There Affordable Quality Replacement Windows in Bath, Ohio?

You don't need to look far for new replacement windows here in Bath, Ohio. With countless commercials and billboards around every corner, homeowners certainly can take their pick to find the right window for their needs.

However, you'll quickly find that there are many variables with new home windows ranging from quality to price. Some homeowners struggle to find a quality window at a fair value and ultimately settle for less-than-stellar options. Choosing UWD for vinyl windows ensures that you're getting the most in terms of quality, value, and energy savings.

UniShield® Windows Brings Real Value to Bath, Ohio

When you truly want to get a better window for your money, consider UniShield®. UniShield® is the go-to option for homeowners in the area who want to enhance their homes on an aesthetic and energy efficient window. It's also the best option in terms of combining quality and price.

To offer the best value possible, UniShield® is available in four energy saving glass packages. This means that you can choose the right glass package for your budget while experiencing quality and energy savings for years to come.

UniShield® Plus is one of the most popular glass packages for replacement windows in Bath. It includes modern dual pane technology with argon gas between the panes. Combine this with a single coat of low-e glazing and top-of-the-line vinyl materials, and you'll find an exceptional window at a price that you can afford.

If you want to significantly impact the energy efficiency of your home, consider UniShield® Supreme. This is the most efficient glass package available for UniShield®, but its features are second-to-none. These windows include triple pane glass technology, which includes an extra glass chamber within the window. The chamber adds yet another barrier against the elements, which keeps your home feeling comfortable throughout the seasons.

Inside those glass chambers you'll find krypton gas, which is denser than argon and very effective at increasing thermal efficiency. Two coats of low-e glazing applied to the glass makes this one of the most efficient windows available at an incredible value.

Replacement Window Installation Bath OH

Finding the Right Fit for Entry Doors in Bath, Ohio

Whether you live in a custom new construction home or a historic gem, your entry door certainly makes a statement. When your door is worn down, it compromises the curb appeal and security of your home—which is something that no homeowner in Bath, Ohio wants to happen. Therefore, you should carefully consider your options with entry doors, so you can get the best value and enhance your home in terms of curb appeal, security, and more.

What are the Most Beautiful Doors in Bath, Ohio?

If you’re concerned about the appearance options for entry doors, you’re in luck. Universal Windows Direct offers exceptional aesthetic options that will make your neighbors look twice.

Your choices begin with two material options: fiberglass and steel. While you essentially can’t go wrong with either choice, steel doors make up over half of the entry doors manufactured today. One of the reasons for this is due to the enhanced security of this door, which is the perfect choice for those who want peace of mind at night. They also offer a great return on investment of 90%.

If steel isn’t your style, fiberglass might just tickle your fancy. Fiberglass doors are a great alternative to wood, since they offer the same look without the hassle of maintenance. Universal Windows Direct offers a variety of wood stains to get the exact look that you have in mind. For those who want a custom appearance, you can order your entry door primed and apply your favorite coat of paint.

What are the Most Efficient Entry Doors?

Entry doors from UWD have more to offer than good looks. Our doors are engineered to help save homeowners energy all throughout the year. Their polyurethane foam cores are the perfect solution to keep indoor temperatures consistent, saving you more money on your utility bills.

Furthermore, these entry doors create an airtight seal to block out drafts. Even the coldest winter winds and hottest summer days don’t stand a chance against entry doors from UWD.

Entry Door Replacement Bath OH

What Vinyl Siding Style is Right for Your Home in Bath, Ohio?

Exterior siding options have evolved over the years for homeowners here in Bath, Ohio. Vinyl siding is undoubtedly the most popular choice for homes in our area, as they are low-maintenance and an eco-friendly renovation for your home. Not to mention, this style of siding can dramatically impact the performance and appearance of your home.

Universal Windows Direct is the premiere source of quality siding in the area. Our siding panels include innovations such as different textures, color hues inspired by nature, and other stylistic upgrades to enhance your home.

Here are the options you can consider with this exterior upgrade:

Extensive Color Options

If you’re upgrading your home with new exterior, you’re probably looking to add extra zeal to your curb appeal. If this is your goal, you’re in luck—Universal Windows Direct offers an extensive line of color options for homeowners.

Siding color options from Universal Windows Direct includes coastal sage, silver moss, mystic blue, adobe cream, colonial ivory, Tuscan clay, and more. Whether you’re looking to achieve a modern style or you’re enhancing the character of your older home, there is plenty to choose from with UniShield® siding.

Don’t forget that there are extra architectural colors available to highlight areas of your home. These colors include autumn red, Somerset wheat, arbor, ivy, slate, deep moss, and more.

There truly has never been a better opportunity to create a custom look and feel for your new exterior.

Better Quality Upgrades

Quality siding can serve you for years to come, so don’t cut corners when it comes to choosing your materials. The quality of UniShield®’s siding is second-to-none. It’s designed to appeal to nearly any homeowner, and it is engineered with heavy-gauge plastic that reinforces structural integrity. This means that the siding won’t blow away in a windstorm or fade after just a few years.

It’s all in the Details

Professionally-designed exterior leaves no stone unturned in terms of details. Universal Windows Direct makes this easy for Bath homeowners by offering quality craftsmanship with every order. Our siding panels feature low-gloss cedar woodgrain appearance—making it look just like real wood without the hassle.

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