DIY vs. Pro Home Improvement: When You Shouldn't Cut Corners



Here are a few instances when you should and should not consider DIY home improvement:

DIY Try: Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash is the perfect project to tackle in a weekend or two. This is a relatively easy upgrade to make to add flair to your home. Today’s popular tiles, such as colorful mosaic or subway tiles, complement many kitchens and are easy to install. With a few tools and supplies such as grout and mortar, you can be well on your way to redesigning your kitchen along with help from some YouTube videos.

In fact, backsplash tiling has become so easy that homeowners can now purchase peel and stick tiles. These are adhesive tiles that look just like the real deal, and it requires basic tools such as a ruler and utility knife. There is no grout, no glue, and no mess—a dream for a DIY project. The only downside is that they can be pricey, with some 10”x10” blocks costing $50 and up.

DIY Don’t: Electric Work

If you’ve discovered that you have major electrical work to tackle, don’t try this one on your own unless you’re skilled in the area. Attempting to replace or fix faulty wiring can lead to electrical shock. It’s too easy to mix up wires or accidentally short out a circuit, so leave this home improvement task to the pros. 

DIY Try: Painting Your Living Room

If you have a steady hand and some time to kill, a great DIY try is a paint makeover. Painting is easy, although prep time can be a bit mundane. You’ll want to make sure every square inch is taped off so you don’t have to go back and make a lot of touchups. However, it’s a great sense of accomplishment to complete this DIY project.

DIY Don’t: Entry Door Installation

Did you know that the smallest mistake with entry door installation can cause your utility bills to skyrocket? It can even compromise your home’s security. If you’re looking for a custom entry door, order one from a home improvement company and have it professionally installed. This will help you make sure that the door is the exact fit for your home and creates an airtight seal.

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