6 Easy Energy Saving Tips for Autumn



Consider using the following tips for a more comfortable home:

Dress Warm

Do you have memories of your mom telling you to dress warmer if your house was too cold? She was on to something. Layering clothes and wearing fleece or compression gear can make you feel a lot warmer when temperatures drop. Freezing yourself out of your home and investing in gear suited for an Alaskan blizzard isn’t necessary, but you can simply put on a sweatshirt instead of turning up the heat.

Keep Interior Doors Closed

This is especially useful if you’re living in a larger home. Heating a home is expensive, and every degree above 68 degrees Fahrenheit can add 10% on to your heating bill. Depending on how warm you like your home, those costs can add up quick. Consider keeping your interior doors closed so heat will stay centralized to one area.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan’s Rotation from Summer

Did you know that your ceiling fan can be used in the winter? During the winter, set your fan’s rotation to spin clockwise at a low speed. This pulls cool air up and pushes warm air down along the walls and back to the floor.

Insulate Your Heating Ducts

A typical home can lose as much as 30% of warm air moving through the ducts due to leaks. Take a weekend and look for leaking air and seal it up as quickly as possible to reduce energy loss. According to the Department of Energy, the best way to seal leaky ducts is with duct tape.

Let Sunlight Inside During the Day

During the summer, you might keep your curtains or blinds closed to block out the sun. This is especially important if you don’t have low-e glazing on your windows, since its purpose is to help reduce ultraviolet rays.

However, during the winter, the sun can help warm your home. You essentially want to capture as much sunlight as possible during the day, so be sure to open the curtains before leaving the house.

Keep Curtains Closed at Night

When the sun goes down, closing your curtains can help keep heat inside your home. This is because heat can escape through your windows, especially if they are old and outdated. Since Indianapolis experiences brutally cold winters, you can consider investing in insulating curtains for extra warmth.

Keep these tips in mind to stay cozy this fall and winter, and make sure you follow our blog for even more energy-saving tips.