The Crash Course for Cleveland Replacement Windows




If you are new to replacement windows or simply need a refresh, this is a crash course to get you in the loop.

The Cost of Replacement Windows

The first question many homeowners ask is how much do replacement windows cost? You’ll find the answers to this question varies from company to company. Many variables impact the price of replacement windows, including:

Aesthetic options such as decorative glass and grids



Energy efficiency options

The best way to get the cost for your replacement windows is by requesting an estimate.

Energy Efficiency Options
If you want to save more money on your utility bills, you’ll need to pay special attention to the energy saving options. This is key to ensuring that the windows perform during the coldest (and warmest) times of the year.

These are the features you’ll want your windows to include if your goal is to save energy:

Argon and krypton gas

Dual or triple pane windows

Low-e glazing

It’s also important that your windows are professionally installed. Professional window contractors know exactly how to install and seal a window so that it does not leak energy. If you attempt the DIY approach with window installation, you might not be saving as much energy as you think—even if you spent a significant amount of money on the product.

Popular Window Styles in Cleveland

Cleveland is full of different styles of home architecture. You’ll also find a variety of window styles from home to home. Some of the most popular styles include:

Double hung windows

Sliding windows

Casement windows

Picture windows

Bay and bow windows

Custom windows are also a good option for homeowners looking to boost curb appeal. You can order windows in different shapes and sizes, such as octagon, trapezoid, and arc.

Window Frame Material and Maintenance
The material of your window frames will greatly determine maintenance requirements. Wood window frames are notorious for regular upkeep. They require sanding, staining, and painting to keep them looking new.

On the other hand, vinyl replacement windows require virtually zero maintenance. The only maintenance involved is occasional cleaning from atmospheric dirt.

If you want the look of wood without the hassle, consider wood-clad windows. These windows feature real wood on the interior that can be sanded, stained, and painted. Since the wood is located on the interior, there is no worry about wood rot and other issues that come along with exterior wood frames. The exterior frame of wood-clad windows are vinyl, so you’ll get a beautiful window that withstands the elements here in Cleveland.

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