Top Tips for a More Secure Entry Door



Keep your home secure with the right entry door

Even if you live in the safest neighborhood in Indianapolis, a secure front door is sure to give you peace of mind. Defense against break-ins and burglaries is critical for any family, and front doors can certainly help add a new level of protection for your home.

When it comes to securing your front door, there are several considerations to keep in mind. The material of your front door can enhance your home’s security, and there are several DIY techniques that you can use to make your door almost entirely burglar-proof.

A Door of Steel

Steel entry doors for your home Nothing says secure like a steel front door. Steel front doors are quite common around Indianapolis, and most are disguised to appear as ordinary fiberglass or wood doors. These doors increase protection for your home, as the steel is virtually impossible to kick in or bend—even if a burglar is trying to damage the door with tools.

The material used to make most steel front doors is typically 24-guage steel. The gauge refers to the thickness of the steel, with a higher number referring to thinner steel. Most steel front doors also use a coating that is 0.0250 inches thick and weighs 1.15 pounds per square foot.

Adding a steel door to your home is one of the very first steps to increasing its security. This is especially the case if you replace a cheaper and hollow core door with steel.

Secure Exposed Door Hinges

If your door swings outward and the door hinge is exposed, a burglar may try to break the hinge. It’s important to secure your door hinge if your door swings outward, and there are three approaches for doing so:

  • Setscrew in the hinge by drilling a hole through the middle of the hinge and adding a pin, then installing a small setscrew
  • Use fast-riveted (crimped) pins to prevent pin removal
  • Adding safety studs that secures the hinge in place, making it very difficult to remove the hinge

Add Motion Detection Lighting

If you need a quick, easy, and affordable way to keep burglars at bay, consider adding motion detection lighting. This gives the impression that your home is under surveillance, which can make nervous burglars think twice about approaching your home.

For another budget-friendly idea, you can even consider adding a fake security camera that looks just like the real deal. There are numerous models that light up and even move back and forth with a motion sensor.

Maximize Front Door Security with Universal Windows Direct

Keep your family safe with these top tips for a more secure entry door. For maximized security, contact Universal Windows Direct about our secure and durable steel entry doors.