Top Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills this Fall



Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills

With the sweltering days of summer behind us and the frigid temperatures ahead, fall is the ideal time to prepare your home for what is predicted to be a harsh winter. While many homes in Indianapolis survive the summer just fine without air conditioning, it’s inevitable that furnaces will be warming your homes and draining your bank account for at least the majority of the winter.

But don’t despair—there are ways to keep to keep your energy costs low without sacrificing your comfort.

Routine Maintenance

Be sure to give all of your heating systems the attention they require. Your furnace filter is easy to ignore, but it can be a costly mistake. A dirty filter prevents efficient air flow, and it makes your furnace work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. Replacement filters are cheap and easy to replace each month, so don’t neglect this simple way to save money. Routinely wipe down air vents throughout your home to keep them dust free, and ensure that the vent is open and unobscured.

Change your Habits

Small lifestyle changes can save big bucks on your energy costs. Everyone knows to turn off the lights when they leave a room, but did you know you should also completely shut down computers, televisions and video game systems?

”Sleep mode” on your computer system is well worth the money it saves. Consider unplugging non-essential appliances and electronics completely when not in use. Even when powered off, these modern devices drain a constant trickle of electricity.

When you consider the toaster that gets used a couple of times a week, the phone chargers that stay tethered to the plug all day as well as the pile of other devices that silently siphon your bank account, you’ll see that this can really add up.

Also, try to establish the habit of lowering your thermostat about 10 degrees before your family leaves in the morning. A programmable thermostat can do this job for you and prevent you from paying to warm an empty house.

Utilize Windows and Doors

Window Blinds Be sure to open your curtains or shades each morning to let the natural light of the day help warm your home. If open curtains seem to let in too much draft, evaluate the seals and weather efficiency.

Outdated doors and windows can add hundreds of dollars to your energy costs each year. The drafts let in the cold air and your expensive warm air out. Investing in high efficiency doors and windows can dramatically increase your comfort level while decreasing your heating costs.

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