How to Make Your Home Look and Feel Larger



Maybe you’ve always envisioned yourself stretched out in a magnificent, spacious home with an open floorplan and French doors leading out to the beach. But real life took over and your family of 4 (plus a dog) are crammed into a 2-bedroom home in downtown Indianapolis. Don’t worry—we’ve all been there and luckily for you there are some tips and tricks to make your tiny home feel like a palace.

Trick the Eye

Professional decorators do it all the time and you can too. Whether you throw down a striped carpet to make your hallway seem longer or extend a bookshelf to the ceiling to make your room appear taller, optical illusions go a long way in opening up a room. Try painting your ceiling and trim the same color as your walls and watch how this monochromatic color pallet evokes the feeling of more space. Use light shades as the main color in the room as save darker hues for throw pillows and other small accessories to add pops of color.


clutter Nothing makes a small space feel crowded like clutter. A cluster of tiny knickknacks on a shelf, a pile of newspapers next to the couch, your prized CD collection; all contribute to the closed in feel of a small room. Eliminate the claustrophobia by sticking to a few large decorative pieces. Stash magazines in a contained basket. Hide music and movie collections in closed cupboards or drawer. Hidden storage is your best friend because simplicity is the key when you want to make a space feel larger.

Use the Light

Dark, closed off rooms make everything feel cramped and uncomfortable, so utilizing natural light is a great way to create space. Open up windows as much as possible by removing heavy bulky draperies. Use sheers or mini-blinds to protect privacy while letting in light. Hang decorative mirrors opposite of windows wherever possible to reflect the light and give the appearance of more room. Choose glass top tables and desks to allow the light to flow through and keep an open line of sight.

Smart Arrangements

While you might feel inclined to push all of your furniture against the wall to maximize floor space, leaving some space between your couch and the wall can actually provide a more fluid, airy feel. Angling a couple large pieces of furniture gives the illusion of more space than several small pieces lined up against the wall. Likewise, one large piece of art has more impact in a small space than a cluster of small frames. When space is limited, choose quality over quantity.

If you’re looking for more tips to make your home feel more spacious, modern, and energy efficient, be sure to stay tuned to our weekly blog.