4 Easy Gutter Maintenance Tips



Gutter Maintenance Tips

It’s autumn here in Indianapolis, and you’re likely finding that leaves are falling from the trees at a rapid rate. Although autumn leaves are beautiful, they can make quite a mess in your yard. They also can accumulate on the nooks and crannies of your roof and eventually make their way into your gutters.

Any homeowners know that leaves, sticks, and other debris can be a real hassle when it comes to gutter maintenance. However, we’re here to give our best tips on how you can keep your gutters clean and clear this autumn season.

Tip #1: Safety First

One of the biggest downfalls of cleaning out your gutters is that homeowners risk falling from ladders. Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured while climbing on a ladder every year. The good news is that educating yourself can help keep you safe while you’re cleaning out your gutters this fall.

The first step is to always let someone know that you are going to climb on a ladder to clean out your gutters. You’ll also want to invest in a sturdy ladder: a four-legged stepladder for a single story home, and consider an extension ladder for a two story home. Take a look at the ladder for any defects and you can even push your foot down hard on the first few steps to make sure everything is place.

Avoid using wooden ladders as they aren’t as sturdy as fiberglass ladders. They are also harder to balance.

Tip #2: Use a Garden Hose to Spray Out Debris

Once you’re confident that your ladder is secure, the next step is to take out your garden hose and get ready to work. Use normal water pressure with a trigger spray nozzle. This will help you control the flow of the water and help remove dirt and debris from the inside of your gutters.

Keep in mind that you should spray out your gutters when the majority of the leaves have been removed. You won’t make much progress if you attempt to spray out piles of debris that have accumulated over the summer, so be sure you scoop it out by hand before using your garden hose (while wearing protective gloves).

Tip #3: Consider Using Protective Eyewear

With all of the debris floating around in your gutters, it’s no surprise that small bits of leaves and sticks will kick up during removal. This makes your eyes a prime target for dirt, so wear protective goggles as a precaution.

Tip #4: Install Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards Take the hassle out of maintaining your gutters by installing gutter guards. These will help keep you off of the ladder (and away from danger), while eliminating the task of scooping debris out of your gutter system. Choose micromesh guards to keep out even the tiniest debris from your gutters—contact UWD to learn more.