3 Helpful Hacks for Tiny Indoor Window Gardens



1. Make Your Green Onions Grow (and Regrow)

When it comes to growing plants in a tiny window garden, it doesn’t get much easier than with green onions. These onions are perfect for putting on baked potatoes or adding to zesty Mexican dishes.

If you’re a cook who always needs green onions on hand, this tip can give you a nearly endless supply. All you need to do is take scraps from your old green onion and place them in a jar with water. The best part is that they only take about a week to mature, so you can plan on planting your green onions only a week out before you need them.

2. Keep Your Celery Growing

If you like the idea of vegetables easily re-growing inside of your tiny indoor window garden, celery is another great option that keeps on giving. To get a nearly endless supply of celery, take the base from an old celery stalk and place it in a shallow dish in front of a window. Keep the base side down with the stalk facing upright.

After about a week, you’ll notice dark green celery sticks begin to sprout. Transfer the base into a small pot with soil with the leaves peeking out so they have access to water and sunlight. Water generously, and after a week or so you’ll notice new stalks beginning to grow.

This hack is a little slower than growing green onions, but it works great if you occasionally use celery for cooking.

3. Make Your Tulip Garden Grow

Nothing says springtime quite like tulips. Tulips are a surprisingly simple flower to grow in your home, as long as they have access to a good amount of sunlight. You can grow a tiny indoor tulip garden from scratch by starting out with tulip bulbs, a long and clear glass vase, and pebbles. The tulip bulb should be added with its bottom part up on top of the pebbles. You’ll then want to add a small amount of pebbles on top of the bulb to help give the root support.

When you fill the vase with fresh water, be sure that the water barely touches the bulb. You just need enough water to help the roots grow.

As you can see, indoor window gardens are easy, fun, and low maintenance. For more ways to jazz up your windows for the spring and summer season, be sure to follow our weekly blog.