What are the Consequences of Water Ponding on Your Roof?



So, what’s the problem with ponding? There are several consequences that can result if you ignore water collecting on your roof, including:

1. Dirt Collection and Vegetation Growth

While high quality roofing can certainly take a beating from the elements, the reality is that roofs simply aren’t designed to hold small bodies of water. Whether you bought a bargain roof or spent a fortune on a new roofing system, pooling water is bad news.

One of the first consequences from this is dirt collection and vegetation growth. Too much moisture may result in mold and mildew growth on your shingles. Not only will mold and mildew growth discolor your shingles, but it can also damage them over time.

2. Increases Damage of Ultraviolet Exposure

When water ponds on the roof, the body of water essentially acts as a magnifying glass. This arrangement promotes damage of ultraviolet exposure in the location of the ponding water. Ultraviolet exposure on the roof will begin to degrade the roof. This type of damage typically results in pitting, causing asphalt shingles to break down and require replacing.

Furthermore, UV exposure will cause the roof to expand and contract—also known as thermal shock. As the process repeats itself, it can negatively impact the overall structure of the roof.

3. Deforming the Deck Structure

Standing water adds a substantial amount of weight to your roof. It weighs roughly 5 pounds per inch/per square foot, and those pounds of water can quickly add up. If water is pooling in a 10’x10’ area that is 1” deep, this is adding an extra 1,000 pounds to your roof. Yikes!

This weight can cause a lot of problems for your deck structure, particularly in terms of deformation. As water accumulates on your roof, deck deflections can increase. This may directly result in even more ponding, which further degrades the structural integrity of your roof deck.

4. Roof Collapse

In extreme situations, pooling water can cause your roof to collapse. This scenario is more likely when the issue is neglected for an extended period of time. A collapsing roof can cause extensive (and quite serious) damage, including injury or death.

As you can see, pooling water isn’t a problem to play around with. Universal Windows Direct offers premium roofing and exterior products to ensure that water can properly drain away from your roof. Contact us today to learn more.