Help! Why Are My Windows Leaking?




Your Windows are Old

If your windows are leaking, the first thing you’ll need to consider is their age. High quality replacement windows can last roughly 15-20 years—and in some cases, even longer. Low budget vinyl windows may only last you around 5-7 years, so this is something to consider if your windows are leaking.

The age of your windows can impact the frames, sash, and seal, allowing water to make its way inside. If this is the case, you’re much further ahead to replace the window rather than make repairs to an aging window.

Damaged Caulking Around the Frames

Caulking is designed to block out the elements, including wind and rain. However, caulking doesn’t last forever—especially if you use the wrong type. Silicone caulking is the best choice for window installation, since it is waterproof and it doesn’t form mildew.

If you’re adding new caulk to your windows, be sure that you use neutral-cure. Acid-cure silicone caulking has the potential to corrode metal and plastic, so you can safely use this caulking around vinyl siding.

New caulking can effectively block out leaks around your window frames. However, keep in mind that caulking can’t improve the energy efficiency of your window in terms of its glass package.

Poor Window Installation

This is one of the most common culprits of leaky windows. Installation is a vital component of a window’s performance, and bad installation can cause a myriad of complications such as leaks. Poorly installed windows can easily allow water to make its way in around the frames, through the window sash, and more.

Your Window Isn’t Actually Leaking

This may come as a surprise, but there’s a chance that your window isn’t leaking at all. There are other culprits for leaks around your windows where the window isn’t the blame. If your roof is leaking, you may discover water leaking down your interior walls. If a window happens to be in the general area, you might jump to the conclusion that the window is leaking instead of the roof.

Don’t Live with Leaky Windows

If you’re suffering with leaky windows due to old age, bad installation, or something else, get in touch with UWD today to learn how we can help.