4 Ways to Tell if Your Roof is Sun Damaged



Common signs you need roof repair for your Charlotte house

We’re in the dog days of summer, and the heat in Charlotte during August is no joke. The sun can take its toll on the exterior of your home, especially your roof. If there isn’t much tree coverage around your home, there is a real possibility that your roof can be showing signs of sun damage. This is especially the case if your roof is older, and it has spent many summers under the glaring sun.

Here are the general signs to look for in order to tell if your roof:

1. Your Shingles are Warping

Are your shingles curling upwards? If so, this may be a telltale sign of warping. Shingles that curl and bend up may have been subject to intense heat or sun—and when we’re talking about the hot summer days of August in Charlotte, the concept isn’t too far fetched.

If your shingles are old, there is a higher chance the the sun will result in warping. Unfortunately, the warping will only get worse over time as it’s exposed to more sunlight.

2. Your Shingles are Decaying

Broken shingles are one of the signs you need a new roof Shingle decay is possibly one of the worst after effects of sun damage to your roof. When your shingles are exposed to the sun’s rays year after year, your shingles may begin to decay. This is also more common in old shingles, and newer shingle technology provides more resistance to harmful UV rays.

The bad news is that once a few shingles begin to decay, the rest will eventually follow suit. This can lead to a number of issues if the problem isn’t addressed.

3. Faded Shingles

The shingles on your roof not only provide protection, but they also can transform the look of your home. However, the sun’s rays can result in roof discoloration overtime. The sun essentially bleaches out the color from your shingles, but the good news is that discoloration is only an aesthetic problem—which means that homeowners won’t experience any performance issue from faded shingles.

4. Water Leaks and Damage

The worst scenario that results from sun damage is water leaks and water damage. If your shingles warp, crack, or decay from the heat, this can allow moisture to get into your home. Eventually, the moisture will result in water damage and even mold.

Do You Have a Sun Damaged Roof?

If your roof is showing signs of sun exposure, Universal Windows Direct can assess the damage and determine if you need a new roof. Get in touch with us today for a free quote and to review our high quality products from Owens Corning.