How to Handle Rotting Wood Window Frames



Rotting wood window frames can be a big mess to deal with. If you have recently discovered that you have rotting frames on your home, here is how to handle the situation:

Inspecting the Damage of Rotting Wood Window Frames

The first step with handling wood rot is to determine how much rot that you’re dealing with. If the rot is concentrated to 10% or less of the entire window frame, you may be able to get away with simply repairing the frame. If you find a significant amount of damage, you have several options to consider.

Repairing the Window Frame

When your window frame can in fact be repaired, prepare to be involved in this project for a while. Repairing rotting wood typically isn’t a quick and easy fix. You’ll need tools such as:

• Flathead screwdriver or chisel

• ¼-inch drill bit

• Epoxy wood consolidant

• Putty knife

• Painter’s tape

• Paint

• Paint brush

• Drill

• Wood filler

• Sand paper

You’ll first need to remove the rotted parts of the frame with a chisel until the healthy wood is revealed. Clean away the debris and drill ¼-inch holes into the wood that’s left at 1-inch apart. Apply your wood consolidant on the fresh wood and fill the holes that you drilled. A second coat is necessary to strengthen the wood.

You’ll then apply the filler and mold it so it matches the shape of the frame. Press the filler into place with a putty knife and allow to dry for 24 hours. You’ll then need to use sandpaper to prep the window for painting. Wipe away any dust and debris and use premium exterior paint for best results.


Replacing Rotting Wood Windows

If you think that repairing rotting wood window frames sound like a lot of work, you’re absolutely right. The good news is that there is a much easier way to get your windows back into tip-top shape—and that’s by opting for new replacement windows.

Replacing rotting wood with new vinyl windows is an excellent decision for any homeowner. High quality vinyl windows won’t rot regardless of how muggy or wet the climate gets here in Charlotte. You also won’t need to worry about priming or painting these window frames, and you’ll enjoy extra energy savings at the same time.

If you’re suffering with rotting wood windows, learn how Universal Windows Direct can help by contacting us today.